INOH adds Pedigreed Industry Professional to its Advisory Committee

Maps out its Revenue and Growth Guidance Model for 2018 and Beyond.


We plan to add additional 2018 information and guidance regarding revenues and other corporate developments in the near future.”


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2018 / — INOH adds Pedigreed Industry Professional to its Advisory Committee as it Maps out its Revenue and Growth Guidance Model for 2018 and Beyond.

In Ovations Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: INOH)

In Ovations Holdings, Inc. (INOH) in conjunction with its new Biochar division is pleased to welcome Mr. Josh Turner as its new Director of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Turner possesses a diverse background in the sciences with undergraduate degrees in biology and chemistry as well as a graduate degree in biology. Mr. Turner was involved in research on growing plants on the International Space Station among his many published research projects.
Mr. Turner, in introducing himself to INOH shareholders stated: “I have been cultivating and breeding novel cannabis strains for almost two decades.

Most recently:

• In 2013, I developed a research project that used cannabis to remediate soil deemed hazardous by the USEPA. This phytoremediation project returned this contaminated soil to safe usable soil for farming and other uses.
• During 2015, I was the Senior Cultivation Manager for one of Nevada's largest medical cannabis producers where I designed and oversaw the construction of state of the art indoor cultivation facilities.
• In 2016, I turned my attention to the medical cannabis market in California as the Senior Project Manager at Woodman Peak Farms in Laytonville, California. I designed and built out a fully operational off-grid organic medical cannabis farm that was one of Mendocino counties first legally permitted grows of 2017.
• In May of 2017, I moved to Medford, Oregon and designed and built out a five-acre industrial hemp research farm. This industrial hemp farm is a breeding research facility for novel terpenes and cannabinoid profiles for therapeutic uses for research companies. Currently, I am the farm manager and lead scientist overseeing construction, cultivation, breeding, soil-management, as well as day-to-day operations.”

As a cultivation manager, Mr. Turner has been using biochar in his soil mixes for almost a decade. Mr. Turner continued, “It is one of the most under-used and least explored of all of the available soil amendments available to growers. Therefore, it has one of the greatest potentials for revenue-generating growth as an ancillary product to the cannabis industry. Uses a range from extremely large commercial farms of hundreds of acres to the small scale home medicinal grower. It is a versatile product that can be used as a carbon source for filters, soil amendments, clone and propagation mediums, and numerous other uses."

One of the most significant improvements the legal cannabis industry needs to make is a reduction in its carbon footprint. As more attention is given to the large amounts of energy consumed by indoor cannabis cultivation facilities, companies will be pressured to focus on more sustainable production models. Biochar can help to improve cannabis cultivation facilities’ sustainability in several ways: filter wastewater that is often laden with hazardous contaminants, improve and reduce fertilizer usage, and make waste soils reusable.

For large scale outdoor farms, biochar can greatly improve a farm’s production by improving soil quality. Soil amendments are one of the largest startup expenses for cannabis farms. By showing farm managers that adding biochar to their soil will greatly improve soil tilth and overall soil quality, farms are likely to continue to invest in biochar thus reducing their overall expenses on downstream fertilizer products. Research has shown that biochar: keeps soil/compost moist and aerated, promoting increased biological activity, biochar increases nitrogen retention, biochar improves soil/compost maturity and humic content, and biochar improves plant growth. Using the available data and by performing some simple side-by-side growth trials, it will be simple to provide scientific evidence to the cannabis industry that biochar is a must have in their overall cultivation plans.

Mr. Turner further stated “I hope to be able to contribute to INOH’s rapid growth by helping to build a consortium of industry professionals to support product development and sales. I will be prospecting, identifying, and fostering new qualified opportunities for our team by utilizing my industry knowledge and contacts.”
Innovation Holding’s CEO, Mark Goldberg, added: “With almost two decades of cannabis industry experience, Mr. Turner can help develop INOH customer relationships, modify the way we communicate with target businesses, and raise the bar for an excellent sales experience relative to the biochar products."

Mr. Goldberg stated, “We anticipate that Mr. Turner’s vast knowledge and industry contacts will allow us to target strategic accounts and help make them loyal biochar product consumers. With the addition of Mr. Turner’s to the In Ovations team, we expect to see vision and prescience that leads directly to real, top line, revenue growth for our BioChar division."

We plan to add additional 2018 information and guidance regarding revenues and other corporate developments in the near future. We want to wish all a happy and healthy New Year and we thank you for your support.


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