Agroninja Introduces New Smartphone Innovation for Worry-free Cattle Weighing

Agroninja has developed an app that enables a herd manager to get an accurate record of weight on any cattle in less than a minute without touching the animal.

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, NETHERLANDS, June 19, 2018 / — Agroninja introduces new smartphone innovation for worry-free cattle weighing

“Beefie” is a game-changer when it comes to the risky, costly and difficult procedure of weighing cattle. Hungarian startup Agroninja will debut the ground-breaking new smartphone app, their flagship product, to the European market after a successful launch in Hungary proved the tech’s unmatched ability to make life easier and less stressful for both cattle farmers and their livestock.

“Every farmer knows exactly how important and delicate the weighing of cattle is,” says Gergely Boromisza, the co-founder of Beefie. “Knowing the exact weight is the key to optimizing feeding, healing, and inseminating as well.”

In fact, agribusiness relies heavily on precise record keeping, and Boromisza points out that animal caretakers and managers need accurate weights in particular in order to track the overall condition, development, and health of their herds. While this data is crucial to the success of large animal husbandry practices, it can be frustrating, time-consuming, and ultimately costly to physically move cattle to a scale to get these much-needed accurate weights.

Various aspects of the weighing process alone can result in stress causing animals to lose up to 1-2% their total bodyweight as a result. Weighing also creates added risk of accidents and injury to livestock and generates high costs associated with extra labor, transport, and the equipment itself. This all adds up to significant extra expense and a net loss to any producer’s bottom line.

“I found this problem so fascinating that I bought a pair of Wellingtons and spent half of last year in the fields,” Boromisza says. “We took more than 2000 measuring tests personally on the most important breeds. I was sure that if we understood the problem in detail, we would be able to build a technological solution for it.”

With this data in hand, Boromisza founded Agroninja and began developing a new digital scale that would utilize advanced algorithms and data analysis with standard handheld technology to weigh animals where they stood, enabling users to collect and compile weights and other valuable statistics on their cattle without moving them from the field or lot.

Previously, when no such tools were available for livestock owners, experienced farmers were forced to estimate weight based on inspection and had to guess at management changes needed to produce ideal growth. Eventually they developed tables and charts for different breeds, age, sex, and combined this information with belt gauges to create better estimates, but accuracy could be questionable. Later, various versions of livestock weigh bridges appeared on the market, and they are still the most common solution to the weighing problem, despite their high cost and other drawbacks.

This is where Agroninja’s Beefie technology comes into play. Not only can the app store and compile important herd data for future reference, but it makes getting that data in the first place as easy as taking a picture. The technology uses photographs captured from 2-6 meters distance with standard Android 5.1+ smartphone systems. This is then linked to an external device to calculate weights and gives 95% accurate results, even when animals are in motion or partially obscured. The application takes into account the condition, breed, gender, age and general appearance of the animal based on user input, and creates an entry with the animal’s individual ID number and photograph that is always available for instant reference, even offline.

In short, Agroninja has developed an easy-to-use app that enables a herd manager to get an accurate record of weight on any animal in their herd in less than a minute without touching the animal or doing any special preparation whatsoever, resulting in zero added stress for livestock and no additional costs for the operation.

Agroninja and its flagship Beefie app is now ready to take the European market by storm and is currently accepting reseller partner inquiries. Find the Hungarian agritech startup at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Utrecht, June 21-22.

Download the press kit here in English, Germand, Dutch and French.

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Source: EIN Presswire