NG1 Technologies Engages Global Business Solutions 360 for Global Business Development

Cleantech Solutions Company Selects GBSC 360 as Global Business Development Team

We are introducing TechFlo to government leaders & trade ministers to identify environmental mandates, and companies interested in achieving greater engine efficiency, and carbon emission reduction.”

— Wolfgang Kruning, CEO GBSC 360

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 20, 2019 / — NG1 Technologies (NG1), a cleantech company with a vision to make sustainability profitable, provides a simple advanced solution for combustion engine use industries seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, while increasing performance and profitability. NG1 is announcing their new strategic sales partner, Global Business Solutions 360, (GBSC 360). GBSC 360 will play a strategic role in NG1’s efforts to elevate the company’s position in the engine use industrial markets worldwide.

NG1’s signature product, NG1 TechFlo Performance Exhaust, reduces fuel consumption and emissions while also improving horsepower and torque. TechFlo provides emerging countries with a green solution for their transition goals to achieve a reduced carbon footprint. NG1 has developed exhaust systems that work with all internal combustion engines and with any fuel. It’s been scaled to use with 1.5 liter engines to 19 liter engines and is continuing to scale to one megawatt engines and more. IN all verticals tested so far it continues to consistently improve engine efficiency, and fuel savings, while increasing horse power and torque and emissions reduction.

GBSC 360 is an open network of consultants specializing in: Business Strategy, Operational Efficiency, Social Media, Energy, Cleantech Solutions, CBD, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, , Mutual Fund business strategy, Sales Strategy, National Accounts, and Global Institutional relationship Management. GBSC will bring technology transfer, engineers, and business outreach to increase brand visibility and adoption for NG1 TechFlo.

The benefits of our product transfers to a wide breadth of equipment and vehicle verticals, we are seeking to bring this solution to nations by finding licensing partners to roll out this green product to help companies lower cost and emissions. GBSC will also be focused on presenting the larger industrial engine exhaust product to the land & sea shipping industries, oil and gas, and mining industries” says Cynthia O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer of NG1 Technologies. “As we continue to grow at a rapid pace, it is an opportune time to have GSBC increases the visibility of NG1 TechFlo to markets to achieve our sales and development goals while meeting the goals of global leaders to reduce carbon emissions. NG1 will be willing offering manufacturing opportunities as well.”

### About NG1: NG1 Technologies, a cleantech solutions company, provides combustion use industries with some of the most advanced fuel savings, increased engine performance, and reduced emission and sound pollution benefits on the market. NG1 is committed to bringing profitable green solutions to your company to increase efficiency and the bottom line. A recipient of the Clean Tech Open National Championship award, the company's signature offering, the TechFlo Exhaust, is an aftermarket exhaust system with no moving parts that has been proven to provide an average of 10% fuel savings, emissions reduction, and improved torque and horsepower while reducing sound. It uses an advanced application of fluid dynamics to enhance the efficiency of diesel, gasoline, and natural gas engines resulting in maximized operations and reduced costs. Near future product lines include exhausts for CAT 3512 and 3516 and for engines sizes used in shipping, agriculture, oil and gas, stationary and utilities. Headquartered in Sarasota FL., the NG1 Technologies leadership is built on decades of knowledge and insight in transportation, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing. For more information on the company and its solutions, visit

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