Enerkon Solar International Rejects Claims of URSUS Bus as Misleading after Enerkon filed Police Report against them

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Enerkon Solar International Rejects Claims of URSUS Bus Factory as Misleading after Enerkon filed Police Report against them last week with Lublin and Warsaw

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— Mr. Benjamin Ballout CEO

DELRAY BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Enerkon Solar International Rejects Claims of URSUS Bus as Misleading after Enerkon filed Police Report against them in a detailed Statement this morning:

The Chairman of Enerkon Solar International Inc. Mr. Benjamin Ballout, States That "Enerkon Solar International Rejects Claims in the media of URSUS Bus as Misleading, after Enerkon filed Police Report against them last week"

The chairman of ENKS also stated "We cancelled our interest to invest in URSUS Bus Factory after learning about false and misleading information as well as omissions potentially damaging to ENKS shareholders last week and Immediately notified the company and filed an official complaint to the Lublin Poland Police and the National Prosecutors office (copy)"

"The Claim states allegations that URSUS companies defrauded ENKS in the above manner with bad intent with a possible intention to execute a loan fraud, theft and abuse including bankrupts, all damaging to ENKS shareholders. These claims were supported by evidence and exhibits – it is further noted URSUS has transferred their Intellectual Property into a shell company called AIU + sp. Z o.o. and has tried to bid on jobs using its name this year, as well as other information and most importantly, immediately after our report, Ursus filed three days later, a fabricated report to the same police office, with outrageous and false allegations, in an attempt to deflect and defend themselves and redirect blame, to their victim (Enerkon)"

"Enerkon Solar International is up to date, with all OTC filing requirements and since its inception, has never had any complaints or controversy, over all the years of operation internationally and in addition, none of the third party financial service companies mentioned in their spurious comments have ever had any complaints since some 12-15 years of operations, according to our diligence, regardless the outrageous statements by Ursus Bus – (It is noted that all AML and KYC bio data was in perfect condition submitted from ENKS while the other third party companies, would have shared their AML/KYC data directly, with URSUS for which they have now submitted to us and we passed over to the Police offices, documents and information that refute the spurious and outrageous allegations of URSUS Bus as False – supported by verifiable Government issued documents, on Directorship (current) and Active good standing status of all third party entities, mentioned in their spurious counter filing)"

In conclusion, Mr. Ballout Stated that "In addition to that mentioned above, we received just days ago direct threats in a organized crime style, from a Mobile in Poland, to My personal mobile (no one one in Poland other than URSUS has my private mobile number) and this threat has been communicated to the Organized crime task force in Poland, for investigation and tracking the person who made the international telecommunication of the threats, supported by text and graphic data shared with the Police in Poland. It is obvious, that while the communication was not from URSUS, it is a communicated threat referring to the issue. This disturbing revelation is being followed also by expert security specialists, who are working to tie the sender to their superiors whomever we discover it to be "

"Enerkon feels that it escaped even worse financial damage by cutting off the investment intentions and does not feel that any of their counter claims will have any merit or effect on Enerkon or its shareholders in the future as they are patently false"

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Source: EIN Presswire