Indonesia Agrochemical Market to be Driven by Growing Pesticide Registrations & Increasing Awareness about Product Usage

Indonesia Agrochemical Market

Indonesia Agrochemical Market

Indonesia Agrochemical Market Info graphic

Indonesia Agrochemical Market Info graphic

The report concludes with future projections and analyst recommendations with a light on major opportunities and cautions related to the market.

INDONESIA, January 23, 2020 / — From the past 5 years, there has been very little growth in the area of arable land available in the country; however, the demand for food has been persistently increasing. This could result in a shift towards the adoption of more agrochemical product usage and mechanization in the farming process. In 2018, Indonesia recorded an arable land of 571.1 sq km in the country.

The agrochemicals market in Indonesia is expected to witness a drive towards sustainable, cost-effective crop protection chemicals to ensure that input costs remain as low as possible due to limited financing resources available with farmers.

Approximately 10.0%-12.0% of the pesticides circulating in the Indonesian market are either illegal or counterfeit in nature. This acts as a major challenge for manufacturers thereby decreasing their overall revenue in the country. Apart from this, the companies have to regularly organize counterfeit drives to raise product awareness which results in a further increase in their operating expenses.

Shift towards Sustainable, Cost-Effective and Environment-Friendly Methods of Production: Owing to the integrated pest management system in the country, Indonesian farmers are shifting towards sustainable and organic methods of production, which would increase the demand for Biopesticides and other organic products in the country. Also, with increased regulations such as RSPO, there is a greater need for developing organic substitutes for chemicals used in agriculture by manufacturers.

Prolonged Dry Seasons: In the past 5 years, Indonesia suffered from dry seasons by approximately 3-4 times which majorly impacted production and sales of agricultural products in the country. Prolonged dry seasons are expected to occur again in the future and given Indonesia’s high dependency on rainfall for irrigation, there is a greater need for farmers to adopt alternative methods of increasing productivity such as increased usage of pesticides, fertilizers and other crop nutrient providers.

Increased Investment in Research & Development Activities: International companies in Indonesia on an average spend 10.0%-13.0% of their yearly revenue on research & development activities in order to develop new active ingredients in the country, which would supplement the launch of new product types in the market. Several companies such as Bayer, BISI and FMC have lined up their product launches in upcoming years depending on the growing trends and demand in the market.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Outlook to 2025– By Type of Pesticides (Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Bio Pesticides and Others), By Type of Crop Protection Product (Generic and Patented), By Form of Agrochemicals (Liquid, Granule, and Powder), By Application (Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits and Plantations) and By Sales Regions (Java & Bali The region, Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Kalimantan)” suggested that the agrochemical market in Indonesia will grow by a CAGR of approximately 9.2% in terms of sales value during the forecast period 2019-2015, owing to factors such as growing agriculture products demand, entry of new national and international players, new mergers and acquisitions and increased government support.

Key Segments Covered:-
By Types of Pesticides
Biopesticides and Others

By Type of Herbicides
Others (including Metsulfuron, Acetochlor etc)

By Type of Insecticides
Others (including Azadirachti, Bacillus thuringiensis)

By Type of Fungicides
Contact Fungicides including Propionic, Chlorothalonil
Others (including Carbendazim, Organomerkuri, Sodium Dichromate)

By Type of Crop Protection Product

By Form of Pesticide

By Types of Crops

By Type of Cereal Crops
Others (including maize, barley and other cereal crops)

By Type of Vegetables

By Type of Fruits
Others (Including Guava, Mangosteen and other fruits)

By Type of Plantation:-
Oil Palm
Rubber and Tea

By Region
Java and Bali Region

Key Target Audience
Venture Capitalist Firms
Agrochemical Manufacturers
Raw Material Suppliers
Research & Development Institutes
Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities

Time Period Captured in the Report:-
Historical Period: 2014-2019P
Forecast Period: 2019P-2025F

Companies Covered:-
PT Syngenta Indonesia
PT Bayer Indonesia
PT Bina Guna Kimia (FMC)
PT Bima Kimia Nufarm
PT Corteva Agriscience
PT BASF Indonesia
PT UPL Indonesia
PT Agricon,
PT Dharma Guna Wibawa
Bingei Agung
PT Excel Meg Indonesia
PT BISI International Tbk

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Key Topics Covered in the Report:-
Indonesia Agrochemical Market Overview and Genesis (Overview and Genesis including Market Stage, Market Nature and Growth Drivers, Business Cycle Graph)
Indonesia Agrochemical Market Value Chain Analysis
Overview of Indonesia Agricultural Scenario (Agricultural Overview, Contribution to GDP, Planted Area and Production, Mechanization Rate, Major Crops, Climate, Challenges and Sources of Credit)
Introduction to Indonesia Agrochemical Market (Revenue from Formulants, Revenue from Sale of Technical Products and Pricing Trends)
Indonesia Agrochemical Market Segmentation
Trade Scenario in Indonesia Agrochemicals Market (By Value, By Volume and By Countries)
Trends and Developments in Indonesia Agrochemicals Market
Issues and Challenges in Indonesia Agrochemicals Market
Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Regulatory Landscape
SWOT Analysis Indonesia Agrochemicals Market
Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Competition Scenario (Competition Scenario, Strength and Weakness, Market Shares, Cross Comparisons, Company Profile of Major Players)
Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Future Projection, 2019P-2025F
Future Outlook of Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Segmentations, 2019P-2025F
Analyst Recommendations

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