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Ongoing FSMA Compliance Digitalization

towards alleviating supply chain complexities

We have an increasingly complex supply chain and regulatory landscape”

— United Natural Produce Alliance (UNPA) President Loren Israelsen

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ‘fsma SaaS’ announces the launch of its Single Management System. A multi-discipline, multi-organizational digitalization platform for the food industry, guaranteeing ongoing regulatory compliance, while simultaneously addressing the complexities of the supply chain.

Although the 2006 Supply Chain Complexity Study was completed, complexity remains. "We have an increasingly complex supply chain and regulatory landscape,” United Natural Produce Alliance (UNPA) President Loren Israelsen said. “Both domestic and foreign suppliers are often not equipped to meet the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) record-keeping requirements, and the industry is suffering from certifier audit fatigue’

According to Knowledge Brief Manage "[Supply chain], complexity does not mean complicated, but rather it describes a condition of inter-connectedness and inter-dependencies across a network where a change in one element can have an effect on other elements (Christopher)".

‘fsma SaaS’ in 2020 offers a solution through on-going guaranteed FSMA compliance on its digitalized single management system platform, which incorporates the supply chain. The UNPA and others in the food supply chain have an opportunity to digitize their documentation at the source for integration with their supply chain.
It is the opinion of experts that digitalization serves as the basis for addressing supply chain complexities. The format of ‘fsma SaaS’, commences the digitalization for alleviating supply chain complexities, through seamless real-time access to the source. We explore the digitalization recommendations of three well-recognized experts for aligning our technology offering.

Expert inputs
Rob Barrett (KMPG 2020) recommends situational assessment for organizations. Tarun Sondhi (KPMG 2020) believes that a rethink of supply chains is necessary. He stated that COVID merely exposes supply chain existing fault lines. He identified three areas to be addressed for improving supply chains.
• A determination of risk
• Predictability tools
• Digitization

McKinsey (Scott McArthur, Ali Sankur, Ketan Shah, and Vedang Singh 2020) argued ‘that understanding the importance of the human factor presents an opportunity for companies pursuing technology-enabled supply-chain improvements. Digital approaches that work with people, rather than around or against them, tend to achieve more impact while proving easier to implement and more sustainable over time. Such approaches work by improving access to information, streamlining decision-making, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration and trust.

Gartner states Multi-enterprise Supply Chain Business Networks must include capabilities in the following six categories:
1. Industry-leading network connectivity
2. Visibility foundation
3. Universal cross-domain apps
4. Core supply chain apps
5. Collaboration
6. Intelligence
The expert insights of KPMG, McKinsey, and Gartner inform of the desired management features for end-to-end food supply chains. 'fsma SaaS' manages source disciplines, (9 in 1 functions) with ongoing FSMA compliance interconnecting with the supply chain on a Single Management System.

Operationalization of the Digitalization Strategy
A digitalization strategy with embedded ISO management system characteristics is adopted to operationalize the described features for control.
Operationalization starts with evaluating the risk. The outcome is preventive controls which enable predictability. The cross-functional collaboration/cross-domain is ‘fsma SaaS’s’ Single Management System (9 in 1 program), which digitizes McKinsey’s Management Infrastructure. Supplier disciplines silo barriers disappear, as risk cannot be confined to a discipline. Interconnectedness for the supply chain is via the cloud for visibility and traceability. The management system activities format the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Digitization actualizes the mechanics of the system and enables efficiency and effectiveness measurements for driving improvements.

‘fsma SaaS’ in the McKinsey digitalization ecosystem
‘fsma SaaS’ is superimposed on the McKinsey Supply Chain 4.0 image, its native apps on the Ipad, demonstrate its capability, in the following ways.
• Manage process risk with real-time verification of records for all operational disciplines for product/ lot downstream verification.
• End to End Supply Chain visibility and traceability of production process and succeeding logistics and storage records to the endpoint destination.
• On-going guaranteed FSMA compliance with the same document format from all suppliers for the receiving facilities.
• Receiving facilities have access to a centralized supplier digital dashboard of only their registered suppliers
• Suppliers have rapid operation food change with only a lot change update through process cloning
• Digital product bar code input into the production for error-proofing (Manual input Optional)
• Production planning with a scheduling change capability
• The FSMA PCQI enabled by Management by Exception for Management Standard conformity, FSMA compliance, and GFSI acceptance
• DOT service scheduling with mileage/ km alerts for vehicle inspections to enhance availability and reliability
• Supply Chain product inventory records
• Real-time corrective actions are triggered for production or postproduction for non-conforming planned activities, with alerts for operational or delivery scheduling adjustments

The ‘fsma SaaS’ error-proofing controls, with guaranteed FSMA compliance connect to the supply chain. Digitalization at the source provides the interconnectedness, demonstrating the interdependence between the source and the supply chain. UNPA is provided with the digitalization tools for a holistic solution to the management of the food safety FSMA compliance and supply chain complexities.

The supply chain digitalization criteria as defined by the experts are met by ‘fsma SaaS’ for the food industry.

Contact Jeffrey Lewis PCQI Director ‘fsma SaaS’ (jeffrey@fsmafoodsafety.com) at fsmafoodsafety.com for the digitalization of FSMA compliance and the Supply Chain for more information and demo.

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