Center for a Humane Economy Applauds Dropping Charges Against Local Fire Chief for Trying to Protect Bear Cub

bear cub

The Center for a Humane Economy reacted to news from Jackson County District Attorney Fire Chief Gene Davies won't be prosecuted for helping a young bear.

ASHLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — The Center for a Humane economy reacted to today’s announcement from the Jackson County District Attorney that Greensprings Fire Chief Gene Davies will not be prosecuted for rendering aid to a young black bear on April 7th. Chief Davies was cited on April 8th by Oregon State Police (OSP) for his role in rescuing the animal from a busy public highway.

“We applaud the Jackson County District Attorney for not pursuing charges against fire chief Davies,” said Scott Beckstead, director of campaigns for the Center for a Humane Economy. “The man deserves a medal – not a citation — for coming to the aid of an animal in distress. The Oregon State Police bringing charges against him was akin to filing vandalism charges against a man breaking a window pane on a car to pull an injured man out of a burning car.”
On April 8, the day after the chief rescued the bear from the roadway, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and OSP officers arrived at the Chief’s his residence, seized the bear, and issued him a citation for criminal negligence and possession of wildlife without a permit. Despite being informed that licensed accommodations had been located for the bear, ODFW shot and killed the bear cub.

Despite public statements by ODFW that the bear was “emaciated,” photos and witness accounts depict the animal as small, but otherwise healthy.

“We are thrilled that the District Attorney understands Chief Davies’ good intentions and his desire to do the right thing by everyone involved, especially the bear cub,” said Beckstead continued. “This is not, however, the end of the conversation. This case underscores the need for fundamental reform in how our state agencies respond to wildlife in need and the good-hearted people who step up to try and help.”

Beckstead said a hearing will be held before the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources on Thursday, May 6, to discuss the incident and propose a path to begin efforts at reform. Chief Davies is expected to testify at the hearing.

The Center for a Humane Economy does warn citizens to refrain, except in extreme circumstances, from ever taking animals from the wild. Often times, juvenile animals are only temporarily separated from their mother, and it’s best to stay clear of healthy wild animals of any age.

Marty Irby
Animal Wellness Action
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Symbolism, Vision and Honor – The Story of the Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels Logo

Northwest Advanced BioFuels, NWABF, sustainable aviation fuel, biofuels,

Understand the meaning behind the NWABF logo

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — If you’ve been following our NWABF blog and social feeds, you’ll see that great things are happening for the growth of the sustainable aviation fuel industry, (SAF), and the vital role that Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC is playing.

But in-between the big news like major funding announcements, we want to give you more of an insight into what makes our company tick. Earlier in the year, we profiled our ‘Championship SAF Super Bowl Team’ and each of the team members who are helping to lead our efforts to become a leader in SAF. These individuals are experts in their respective positions. Today, we want to delve deeper into our culture and why this Logo has so much meaning to our Team.

Notice the unique logo for Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels LLC. It was created and painted by hand by artist Linda Windell, a self-taught Native American artist of Creek/Cherokee descent, and member of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, OK.

Our logo is intentionally different from the digitally-composed logos of other companies in oil & gas and sustainable aviation fuel industries. It had to be! We take our involvement in the SAF space, where we can offer improvement to the environment, very seriously.

The NWABF logo depicts a Bald Eagle holding a tree branch and flying over Mt. Rainier, which is synonymous with our location. The Bald Eagle is a classic statement, representing the Strength, Grace, and Tenacity of our operation and our team. The Bald Eagle is revered by the Tribes of our Nation.

The tree branch held in the Bald Eagle’s talons depicts the type of feedstock wastes we will receive from local Northwest resources, which will help to clear the forest floors, help prevent forest fires and offer better habitats for plant and animal life. The Totem Poles which are guarding the Bay at the Project’s Entrance, first came into existence in the Northwest from Northwest Tribes. We simply want to honor those Tribes with these symbols.

Last, but not least, the incredible symbolism of the airplane flying in the background over Mt Rainier depicts the positive effect we will have on the environment by eliminating most of the harmful fuel emissions now being put into the environment by airlines using petroleum-based jet fuel. This is a “full-circle” depiction of the earth’s elements benefitting man’s ingenuity and his inert desire and need for travel.

The NWABF logo has deep meaning for the company, its Founder, who is a member of the Okmulgee Creek Tribe of Oklahoma, and its principals. We believe our logo captures the emotional strength that we bring to the local communities, the environment, the industry, and the world.

We are lucky to have worked with Linda Windell on our logo. Linda’s work has been shown and still hangs in the Cherokee Museum located on the Cherokee Reservation in Tahlequah, OK, among other places. Known for her incredible work depicting real-life images of historically documented Native American War Ponies, as well as Native American Youth, Ms. Windell’s work has garnered two national awards, where she beat out companies like Kodak and IBM for her insightful and delicate artwork of a Corporate Brochure for an upstart Native American owned and operated Company located outside of Chicago, IL. Linda’s work was even selected for the cover of the Wisconsin Paint Horse Journal. Linda has loyal collectors throughout North and South America, Canada, parts of Europe and Asia. She has done “Commission” work painting Arabian Horses for Royalty in Saudi Arabia.

For more information about Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC, visit our website at

David P. Smoot
Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC
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DGB Group publiceert jaarverslag 2020



DGB Group N.V. (“DGB”) publiceert heden haar jaarverslag 2020.


De totale waarde van de wereldwijde CO2-markt is vorig jaar met 20% is gestegen tot een recordbedrag van € 229 miljard als gevolg van de verwachte aanscherping van de emissieplafonds. ”

— Selwyn Duijvestijn

HARDENBERG, OVERIJSSEL, NEDERLAND, April 30, 2021 / — Hoewel de jaarrekening 2020 (nog) niet van een controleverklaring van een accountant is voorzien, acht het bestuur van DGB het van belang om aandeelhouders van de inhoud van jaarverslag en jaarrekening op de hoogte te stellen.

Ten aanzien van deze publicatie dient het volgende opgemerkt te worden:

– Op 4 september 2020 is op de buitengewone vergadering van aandeelhouders (BAVA) goedkeuring gegeven aan de in juli 2020 reeds aangekondigde activa-passivatransactie waarbij, onder andere, alle door DGB Group gehouden aandelen in haar dochtervennootschappen (De Groene Belangenbehartiger B.V., DGB Lease B.V., Energy B.V., Renewables B.V., VIVA Veterinary B.V. en DeGroSolutions B.V.) zijn verkocht. Deze transactie heeft nog op dezelfde dag plaatsgevonden.

– In het halfjaarbericht 2020 is een overzicht gegeven van de financiële gegevens van de voortgezette bedrijfsactiviteiten en de beëindigde bedrijfsactiviteiten met betrekking tot de activa-passiva transactie. Deze splitsing geeft inzicht in de aard en omvang van de beëindigde activiteiten. In het halfjaarbericht waren de beëindigde bedrijfsactiviteiten nog geconsolideerd omdat op de rapportagedatum DGB Group (doorslaggevende) zeggenschap had. Per 4 september 2020 is de doorslaggevende zeggenschap niet langer van toepassing waardoor er geen geconsolideerde gegevens worden gepresenteerd.

– De vennootschap heeft op 10 september 2020 haar betrokkenheid aangekondigd bij de taak en het doel van wereldwijde herbebossing, natuurbehoud, herstel van ecosystemen en geavanceerde energiecompensatiediensten. Omdat dit in 2020 niet tot overnames heeft geleid zijn alleen de holdingactiviteiten opgenomen in in het jaarverslag 2020.

Het volledige jaarverslag 2020 is te raadplegen via de website

CEO Duijvestijn zei het volgende: “Dit was een cruciaal jaar voor de groep, aangezien we de bouwstenen hebben neergezet die ons in staat zullen stellen te groeien en aandeelhouderswaarde te leveren. We kunnen nu beginnen met het verhogen van het tempo van wereldwijde herbebossing en de manier waarop mensen handel kunnen drijven en deelnemen aan de snelgroeiende markt voor CO2-compensatie. De totale waarde van de wereldwijde CO2-markt is vorig jaar met 20% is gestegen tot een recordbedrag van € 229 miljard als gevolg van de verwachte aanscherping van de emissieplafonds. Deze sector heeft hiermee het zesde jaar van opeenvolgende groei afgerond. We verwachten een actieve rol te spelen bij het openstellen van deze markt voor meer investeerders met een aanbod van actuele herbebossingsprojecten en een gemakkelijk te begrijpen handelsplatform.”

S.A.M. Duijvestijn
+31 208080825
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Agilent Technologies Announces New Global Cannabis and Hemp Potency Testing Channel Partner, Ionization Labs

Agilent Technologies Logo

Ionization Labs presents Cann-ID SaaS Solution

Ionization Labs Cann-ID solution

Ionization Labs Cann-ID solution

New relationship enables accurate, rapid, scalable cannabis and hemp testing for customers around the world

Ionization Lab's Cann-ID solution is forward-thinking and addresses the needs that are beneficial to farmers, processors, and regulators.”

— Geoff Whaling, Chair of the National Hemp Association

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Ionization Labs has joined Agilent Technologies as a Global Channel Partner to collaborate on sales, marketing, and ongoing product development of Ionization Labs' proprietary Cann-ID platform. Through this partnership, Ionization Labs will accelerate their reach, from 20 US states and three countries at present, to all 50 US states and all other countries with legal cannabis and or hemp industries included in Agilent's 100 plus country international sales distribution system.

The Cann-ID solution is an in-house cannabinoid testing solution for hemp and legal cannabis featuring cloud-based chemical data analytics software combined with an Agilent HPLC hardware platform. The platform supports the hemp and legal cannabis industries ecosystem, including extractors, cultivators, and processors tasked with improving extraction yield, process efficiency, and product compliance concerning cannabinoid derivatives. Cann-ID also supports the industries from regulatory and compliance, with Cann-ID's standardized cloud-based data platform that can support inter-state, intra-state, international import, and export. This tool even supports banking and insurance utilization as a risk mitigation tool. This is timely with the US Congress pushing the Safe Banking Act.

Industry leaders have recognized Cann-ID as a viable industry support solution. "As America's newest commodity crop, hemp provides so much potential for the new green economy. To reach its potential in the food and dietary supplement sectors, testing and standards will have to be vigorously developed", said Geoff Whaling, Chair of the National Hemp Association. "Ionization Lab's Cann-ID solution is forward-thinking and addresses the needs that are beneficial to farmers, processors, and regulators."

The Cann-ID solution Ionization Labs has developed an affordable, innovative potency testing solution, facilitating quick implementation and a strong return on investment relating to Cap-X and time. The solution was developed in an ISO-17025 analytical lab, utilizing proven and approved methods audited by A2LA. As such, not only are industry operators able to use Cann-ID in their four walls, it can also be deployed in professional analytical labs for COA (certification of analysis) purposes.

Co-Founder and President Cree Crawford shares, "Cann-ID brings a level of standardization and access to quality chemical data and analysis never before available. The ability for a processor or cultivator to have the same platform in their operations as the lab they are sending samples for COA approvals is a powerful and disruptive game-changer for industries in great need of standardization."

Cann-ID is available as a subscription SaaS model, which provides everything needed to run tests, including the Agilent HPLC hardware platform, Ionization Labs Cann-ID software, and consumables. Maintenance and technical support, including analytical chemists, are also available, giving clients access to a specialized support team ready to optimize their in-house testing needs.

For those seeking lab-grade, in-field chemical data, the Ionization Labs and Agilent partnership could not come at a better time, as the hemp and cannabis spaces continue to develop at a fever pitch and producers seek to out-perform competitors with higher quality and innovative new products. Cann-ID is a boon to organizations looking to maximize their data's value at unprecedented speeds and bring products to market.

"We are heavily focused on the next generation of domestic and international cannabis and hemp companies who are currently or are preparing to participate in interstate and international commerce, where chain-of-custody and independent trust verification systems are mission-critical to the success of their organizations," Alex Andrawes, Co-founder and CEO of Ionization Labs, says. "We see Agilent as a critical partner in the pathway to successful domestic and international cannabis and hemp commerce."

# # #
About Agilent Technologies
Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications, and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent's expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions.

About Ionization Labs
About Ionization Labs: Ionization Labs is an Austin, Texas-based SaaS chemical data platform company composed of agriculture, tech, CPG, and life sciences industry veterans. The company is committed to delivering robust chemical data solutions through standardization, innovation, and software to empower its clients with faster, higher-quality chemical data. The Ionization Labs' platform is considered to be the standard for next-generation chemical data solutions. For more information on Ionization Labs products and solutions, visit them online at or on LinkedIn @Ionizations Labs.

Cree Crawford
Ionization Labs
Visit us on social media:

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Tree Removal Scarborough – Your Near Me Tree Services Company

Tree & stump removal service in Scarborough

Uproot Tree Removal Services Logo

Tree trimming in Scarborough & Toronto

Uproot Tree Removal Scarborough & Toronto Services is the best local tree service companies in Scarborough & entire Toronto is ready for upcoming summer season.

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 30, 2021 / — The company is well prepared for different kinds of tree removal service requests it is likely to get and is expecting a busy summer. Most summers, potential storms tend to knock down several trees in the Toronto region.

The company strives to provide safe and reliable tree removal and pruning services to its customers at competitive prices. Their comprehensive tree care services have become very popular. Best of all, they offer a detailed on-site cleaning service after each project. The team here can remove the most challenging and largest tree structures. The arborists are trained in the latest techniques and in the operation of the equipment in compliance with safety standards. They are also certified to work on power lines and can be fully relied on in difficult tree clearing situations.

The services provided by the company includes Tree removal Scarborough, Tree removal Toronto, Tree services Scarborough, Tree services Toronto, tree trimming, Arborists consultation & report, Tree cutting, Stump removal and stump grinding. Tree removal can be required in emergencies or to take care of dead trees, sick or diseased trees, damaged trees, or trees that have become dangerous or pose problems to foundations, the residence, or other structural elements on the property. Safety is a key part of the skills offered by the Uproot Tree Removal Services and its professional team of Arborists.

“For over 10 years, our goal at Uproot Tree Removal Services has been to provide premium quality services by employing highly trained arborists and working with the best equipment available to us. By aligning our company with customer expectations and Toronto market needs, we’ll be able to better achieve our mission and deliver the best tree services to our clients,” said the spokesperson.

Along with assisting in uprooted trees; the company also offers different packages to care for the trees and surroundings. Their tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal in Scarborough and even emergency tree service have put them in the right light as they have a tremendous amount of positive reviews to back their reputation.

Simply planting trees is not enough. Trees must be taken good care of. This is what we aspire to do. From pruning to beautify them and even taking care of the ones that have been knocked down, we do all of it to make sure that things are in order. The company serves all of Scarborough and Toronto including postal codes M1M, M1B, M1E, M1G, M1H, M1J, M1K, M1L, M1N, M1X, M1P, M1R, M1S, M1T, M1V, M1W, M1C & more.

Uproot Tree Removal Services prides itself on making use of the best and modern high-quality equipment. This ensures that the property will stay safe and the rate charged is justified as well. Along with this, it is the promptness of service that makes them a name to be reckoned with. They are affordable, reliable, and a great choice as far as tree cutting services are concerned. They also have their services outside Toronto, specifically in Hamilton, ON. You can visit for more details.

About Uproot Tree Removal Scarborough & Toronto Services
UpRoot Tree Removal Services is a tree services company located in Scarborough – Toronto, Ontario & performs wide range of tree services including tree removal, tree planting, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree fertilization, tree disease prevention & Arborist reporting and consulting in Toronto & Scarborough area. Best Tree services. We are knowledgeable about both the business and the art of trimming trees, removing stumps, and emergency tree removal. We have surrounded ourselves with a team of qualified tree trimming service experts who meet strict guidelines. We are fully insured, use the latest equipment, and follow all safety guidelines. Uproot Tree Removal Services is a professional tree services Co, qualified in all aspects of tree surgery, operating in Scarborough, Toronto & North York. Some of the services offered include dangerous tree felling, stump removal, tree removal, hedge cutting, tree thinning and planting, Tree trimming & pruning, crown reduction, wood chipping, Tree disease prevention and site clearance. Beautiful, healthy trees are an asset to any outdoor space providing shade, filtering the air and giving a sense of beauty & calm that just can t be recreated with anything man-made. Regular care from a professional tree service such as trimming, pest management & deadwood removal can help you get the most out of your trees & keep them strong. The tree service company is one of the established names in the field of tree cutting, pruning, and maintenance.

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Sean Miller
Uproot Tree Removal Scarborough & Toronto Services
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Launch of Txoko USA Creates Unforgettable Gatherings

Virtual Fine Dining Experiences Travel Around the Globe in a Gastronome’s Dream

Txoko USA was born out of the realization that we are social beings and the gathering of people over the shared experience of delicious food and storytelling is part of what makes us human.”

— Executive Chef and Founder Jackie Keller

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 29, 2021 / — The pandemic did not quench the thirst many have for travel and connection. To satisfy those desires, SimpliHealth Growers™ founder Jackie Keller and Executive Sous Chef Oscar Gonzalez (a Level II Sommelier and Michelin star chef) created exclusive gastronomical adventures to share with clients and friends. The virtual events proved so successful that today they announce the next iteration, Txoko USA, an unforgettable shared culinary journey perfect for corporate events, fundraisers, family gatherings, holiday celebrations and more that are rooted in the intersection of fine dining and healthy, sustainable living.

A “txoko” is an inclusive experience centered around food, sharing stories, and creating community. Originating in the Basque region of Spain in 1870 and translating to “cozy corner,” modern txokos are members-only clubs of friends who gather to eat, sing and cook together. The interactive virtual affairs are designed to bring people together through a shared meal, weaving together multi-sensory components to create a culinary showcase that will inform and delight all in attendance.

Txoko USA offers several different tasting events – including ten-course menus, hors d'oeuvres, and truffle and dessert tastings, all paired with wine or mocktails designed and prepared exclusively by Keller and Gonzalez. Everything is fully prepared and delivered ready to enjoy, and shipped anywhere in the United States.

Client David Rosenthal – President & CEO of Curtis-Rosenthal, Inc, exclaimed, “Jackie and Oscar saved the holidays for our company. Their passionate insights taught us how smell, taste, sight, and texture all work together to create a completely absorbing culinary experience. The wines were all different, complex, and oh so enjoyable. Each course was so thoughtful, interesting, creative, and absolutely delicious!”

About SimpliHealth Growers™:
SimpliHealth Growers™ local farm, affectionately named “The Mesa”, is located on California’s Central Coast. “The Mesa” uses only sustainable organic farming techniques to produce the freshest and most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables for the company’s meals. To supplement their home-grown produce, they also purchase as much organic produce as possible from local farmers to minimize the environmental impacts of long-range food transportation. Additionally, SimpliHealth Growers™ uses only local vendors for their animal proteins, incorporating only those proteins that are raised without antibiotics or hormones, emphasizing wild-caught, organic and free-range options when available. The farm has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Madison Frilot
Anika PR
+1 510-725-8617
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The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Best Mesothelioma Law Firm

The Steinberg Law Group is affiliated with doctors around the country.

We support our veterans.

The asbestos industry knowingly poisoned people for decades.

Inhaling just one fiber of asbestos is enough to cause mesothelioma decades later.


The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico Endorses The Steinberg Law Group as the Best Mesothelioma Law Firm – Experience/Resources/Results

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA, April 29, 2021 / — The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico is dedicated to providing the best possible legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from The Steinberg Law Group.

The Mesothelioma Options Help Center of New Mexico has endorsed The Steinberg Law Group because of their vast experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, The Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2020 were exposed decades ago.

New Mexico is home to many companies that are known for asbestos-containing products, including, but not limited to, energy production companies, manufacturing companies and industrial companies. New Mexico is also home to natural asbestos deposits, with the southwestern and central northern regions being the most potentially toxic.

Known jobsites, companies and locations with asbestos exposure in New Mexico include, but are not limited to, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque and Cerrillos Coal Company, Columbia Asbestos Company, Bates Lumber Company, Kent Nowlin Construction Company, H.M. Public Service Power, Reeves Power Plant, Four Corner Power Plant, San Juan Powerhouse, Albuquerque Gas & Electric, Owens Corning Fiberglass, Phelps Dodge Mining, PNM Resources, Alta Vista Middle School and the University of New Mexico.

For the best possible medical treatment for mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 so a member of The Steinberg Law Group can determine which hospital/doctor in our network is most convenient for you.

States with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut, Florida, Texas and California. For more information about mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 or visit now.

Robert L. Steinberg
The Steinberg Law Group
+1 8888912200
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Integrity Pest Management Named a Finalist in the Tulsa World ‘Best of the Burbs Contest’

Integrity Pest Management Named a Finalist in the Tulsa World ‘Best of the Burbs Contest’

Integrity Pest Management Named a Finalist in the Tulsa World ‘Best of the Burbs Contest’

Integrity Pest Management is located in Sand Springs, OK.

Integrity Pest Management is located in Sand Springs, OK.

Only 3% of pest control businesses in the U.S. are QualityPro certified.

Only 3% of pest control businesses in the U.S. are QualityPro certified.

This award recognizes companies that have been recognized as leaders in their industry while contributing to their communities.

To best protect your home, Integrity uses the latest science and technology to test new and innovative products. They want to develop an effective plan best suited to your specific needs.”

— Bill Rowe – Owner Integrity Pest Management

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 / — Integrity Pest Management Named a Finalist in the Tulsa World ‘Best of the Burbs Contest’

For 20 years, Integrity Pest Management Has Been a Proven Leader in the Pest Management Industry

Integrity Pest Management has provided termite treatment, pest control services, and exterminator services in the Tulsa area for over 20 years, and they have thousands of satisfied customers in their corner. Their popularity in the Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Sapulpa, Cleveland, Mannford, and Tulsa areas has led to being named a finalist in the 2021 Tulsa World Best of the Burbs Contest.

Best of the Burbs

The Tulsa World Best of the Burbs, which is also sponsored by the Oklahoma Weekly Group, allows the customer to decide who the best is, and Integrity Pest Management is now considered one of the top pest control companies in the Tulsa area. The promotion is a reader’s choice-type contest where local businesses, in different categories, are nominated and eventually voted on by readers to find out who the best is in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. The results are listed in the Tulsa, Sand Springs, Skiatook, Owasso, and Wagoner newspapers.

It’s the Time of the Season

Pest management companies go through seasons, and, right now, Integrity Pest Management is focusing on mosquitoes, bedbugs, termites, fleas, and ticks for the spring and summer months. They offer protection systems like: Termite Control, Exterra Monitoring Systems, Bed Bug Control, and Aprehend Lawn Treatments for Flea and Tick Control.

With COVID-19 pandemic social distancing protocols, outdoor parties are becoming more frequent, and Integrity Pest Management offers Mosquito Control for your outdoor events.

Quality Professionals

As one of the most experienced pest control companies in Tulsa, Integrity partners with you to end your pest problems, leaving your home or business free from all pests. Providing professional pest control services to their customers is what they do.

The staff at Integrity Pest Management is trained through Quality Pro, the industry’s leading pest management credentialing program. QualityPro sets the standard of excellence for professional pest management companies and their employees through education, training and certification, providing consumers protection and confidence. These accredited companies are on the cutting edge of professionalizing the industry. They gain access to hiring forms, employee testing and training resources, and a brand they can use to prove their professionalism to prospective employees and customers alike.

Science and Technology

To best protect your home, Integrity uses the latest science and technology to test new and innovative products. They want to develop an effective plan best suited to your specific needs.

As one of Tulsa’s leading pest management companies, they treat your lawn to remove nuisance pests that destroy your grass, shrubbery, and flowers. Take care of your home and keep it free of all pests with Integrity’s comprehensive pest control services.

Since 2001, Integrity Pest Management has taken termite treatment, pest control services, and exterminator service seriously and has thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. Don’t take the company’s word for it. Being named a finalist in the 2021 Tulsa World Best of the Burbs Contest proves just how trusted they are in the pest management industry.

Learn more about the author of this press release.

Bill Rowe
Integrity Pest Management
+1 918-245-7378
email us here
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Interstate Plastics Expands Construction Material Solutions with Pile Hammer Cushions

Phenolic CE Pile Hammer Cushion Pads

Phenolic CE Pile Hammer Cushion Pads

Interstate Plastics offers aluminum and canvas phenolic pile hammer cushion pads that work in tandem during the driving process.

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 / — One of the most crucial aspects of construction is using pile drivers to create foundational support through slender columns, also called piles. Different materials can be used as pile hammer cushion pads to protect equipment and transmit driving forces to the pile. Interstate Plastics now offers aluminum and canvas phenolic pile hammer cushion pads that work together to provide maximum efficiency and ease of use in pile driving applications.

Canvas phenolic and nylon plastic are the primary materials used in conjunction with aluminum pile hammer cushion pads. Interstate Plastics recommends canvas phenolic over nylon, as nylon may melt, and in some cases burn, when subjected to the extreme temperatures that arise during the pile driving process. Melted nylon then has to be cleaned out of the equipment, disrupting workflow and halting progress until it is removed and replaced. This removal is a setback for the pile driver and the entire construction site, as no construction can occur until the driving process is complete.

Interstate Plastics offers a solution of aluminum and canvas phenolic pile hammer cushion pads that work in tandem during the driving process. The materials are placed opposite each other on the helmet or bucket; the helmet or bucket is then placed between the pile and hammer. The aluminum pad dissipates the extreme heat that arises due to the pile driving process, and the canvas phenolic pad reduces impact forces while transmitting the energy of the blow evenly. The pads increase part and hammer life and decrease the chances of downtime during the construction. The ratio of canvas pads to aluminum pads will vary per job. Typical ratios include one canvas phenolic pad per two aluminum pads or two canvas phenolic pads per three aluminum pads. Interstate Plastics' material experts are here to assist in finding the right balance for your application.

For information on pile hammer cushion materials such as canvas phenolic or aluminum pads, give the experts at Interstate Plastics a call at (888)-768-5759.

Interstate Plastics is a full-line distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube, bar, film, profiles, and plastic accessories, tools, and care products. With 10 locations nationwide and an online sales and support team, Interstate Plastics provides full sheets and pallets, simple cut-to-size service, and complex CNC manufacturing. Interstate Plastics is known for its reputation of selling high-quality products, providing excellent customer service, and superior technical support. Our products and services are available using the safe, secure, and convenient purchasing system on the Interstate Plastics website. For instant help, we're always a phone call away at (888) 768-5759.

Stephen Sowinski
Interstate Plastics
+ +1 888-768-5759
email us here
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5 Tips for Planting a Tree this Arbor Day

Tree Planting Young Boy Child

Arbor Day is a great time to plant a new tree

Giroud Tree and Lawn shares 5 steps to take when planting a new tree and how to make sure it gets a healthy head start.

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 / — Arbor Day is a great time to plant a new tree! However, making sure a young tree is planted correctly is key to ensuring it grows healthy and strong. Here is how to property plant a tree, including tips for what not to do.

Choosing the Right Tree

It is important to choose wisely when considering what type of tree to add to a property. Although some trees may seem like real gems, they might not be the right tree for the yard. Homeowners should consider where it’s going to be planted, how much light it will get, and how close it will be in proximity to the home, garage, and other structures.

Step 1- Dig a proper hole

The hole should be about 2-3 times larger than the diameter of the tree’s root ball. It should be deep enough that the root ball will sit inside of it but also so the flare of the tree is not buried.

Step 2- Set the tree correctly into the hole

After carefully lowering the tree down into the hole, make sure the root flare is at least 3-4 inches above ground level. Then, step back and look at the tree from a distance. Is it centered? Is the tree leaning, or does it stand straight? Walk a circle around the entire tree to ensure it looks as straight as possible from all angles.

Step 3- Remove or loosen as much of the burlap covering from the tree as possible

Use scissors to cut away any excess burlap. Once the root ball is freed, step back once again to make sure the tree is still standing straight. Removing the burlap may have shifted the tree around.

Step 4- Fill in the hole

Backfill the hole with the soil that was removed. Then, tamp the soil down firmly.

Step 5- Give the tree a healthy head start

Mulch is great for trees, but only if applied correctly! Do not “volcano mulch”, which is when the mulch is piled up high around the tree. The tree’s root flare should be exposed, so leave about an inch in distance around the tree’s trunk where the mulch does not touch it. Bad mulching can be very damaging for tree’s and can lead to girdling roots! Learn more about the dangers of Girdling Roots here in this video from Giroud Tree and Lawn.

Water the tree until it is established. In the spring, water about once each week. In the hot summer months, water more frequently.

Fertilizing a young tree will also help it to become established in the ground and to grow strong and vibrant. A Deep Root Fertilizer Treatments will give the tree vitamins and nutrients it needs!

When in doubt, call an ISA Certified Arborist for help with new tree plantings.

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Airspading Uncovers Girdling Roots

Source: EIN Presswire