JUST LAUNCHED! The World’s Smallest Sensors Are Now Certified For Remote Monitoring in Potential Explosive Atmospheres

The sensors can measure critical parameters in explosive atmospheres, like humidity, temperature, and proximity/presence.

The sensors can measure critical parameters in explosive atmospheres, like humidity, temperature, and proximity/presence.

They can be deployed directly on/in other Ex protected equipment since they have their own Ex protection.

They can be deployed directly on/in other Ex protected equipment since they have their own Ex protection.

detect condition changes at an early stage, taking the guesswork and errors out of manual inspections

detect condition changes at an early stage, taking the guesswork and errors out of manual inspections

DT Sensors are the size of a stamp and can fit anywhere

Sensors are the size of a stamp and can fit anywhere

Managers and workers optimize time and manual work on inspection and maintenance

Managers and workers optimize time and manual work on inspection and maintenance

Two Norwegian Companies Partnered up to Enable Sensor-Based Preventative Maintenance of Equipment Installed In Potential Explosive Atmospheres

enable our system of small, efficient, powerful, and adaptable sensors to bring useful insights for more efficient and sustainable operations in hazardous areas”

— Bengt Johannes Lundberg

OSLO, NORWAY, January 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, Disruptive Technologies (DT), the Norwegian developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors, has partnered with Ex-tech Group, an Ex area expert. Disruptive Technologies sensors are the smallest in the world (19 x 19 x 2.5 mm), have an IP68 rating, and can withstand very high temperatures. They are now officially certified to be placed in Ex-zones by Ex-tech Group, the Norwegian explosion protection and Ex compliance expert.

The sensors can measure critical parameters in explosive atmospheres, like humidity, temperature, and proximity/presence. They can be deployed directly on/in other Ex protected equipment since they have their own Ex protection. The sensor solution offers continuous accurate monitoring and reporting of operational data.

*The Ex-certified sensor solution can detect condition changes at an early stage, taking the guesswork and errors out of manual inspections.
*Through alerts and automation, staff receives warnings of faults and incidents before they happen, guaranteeing fewer incidents, increased equipment lifetime, and peace of mind.
*Managers and workers optimize time and manual work on inspection and maintenance of critical equipment which allows them to spend time on more creative and rewarding work.

“The Ex-tech Group and DT’s sensing technology will revolutionize the way we view maintenance offshore”, says Ingulf Egeland, Co-founder and CTO of Ex-tech Group, “We will enable customers to optimize and rationalize maintenance schedules and reduce unwanted maintenance events”.

Our partnership with the Ex-tech Group, a globally certified expert in hazardous areas, will enable our system of small, efficient, powerful, and adaptable sensors to bring useful insights for more efficient and sustainable operations in hazardous areas", says Bengt-Johannes Lundberg, CEO of Disruptive Technologies.

Hydrogen, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Pharmacy companies can now remotely operate, monitor, and control their installations onshore and offshore at a fraction of the cost, reducing manual work, preventing incidents, and gaining accurate important insight that benefits profit, people, and the planet.

About Disruptive Technologies: Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies (DT) is the Norwegian developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and an award-winning innovator in the IoT market. Our small, efficient, powerful, and adaptable wireless sensors are the best in the world and designed to reach an ever greater number of operational components, making buildings intelligent and sustainable, in minutes.

Pippa Boothman
Disruptive Technologies
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Disruptive Technologies | World’s Smallest Wireless Sensor

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Prolific Marketing Executive Turns Artistry Into Advocacy

Helen Lavelle Artist and Advocate

Helen Lavelle Artist and Advocate

Helen Lavelle’s Women In Recovery Collection supports programs to aid those who struggle with addiction.

Helen Lavelle’s Women In Recovery Collection supports programs to aid those who struggle with addiction.

Helen Lavelle's Black Lives Matter Collection supports Diversity, Equality and Inclusion initiatives.

Helen Lavelle’s Black Lives Matter Collection supports Diversity, Equality and Inclusion initiatives.

Art Collections Created to Support Critical Causes

SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, January 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Artistry meets advocacy in Northeast Pennsylvania painter Helen Lavelle’s new initiative, Painter with a Purpose.
On a quest to put her creativity and ability behind important causes and organizations that make our world better, Lavelle has created a series of collections, with online sales directly supporting their work.

● Women in recovery from addiction
● Conservation and environmental protection
● Diversity, equity and inclusion
● Scholarships for aspiring artists
● People striving to overcome multiple sclerosis

“It took a global pandemic to wake us up–lives and livelihoods lost, systemic racism exposed, Mother Earth threatened,” Lavelle said. “Like any artist painting a picture, I paused, stepped back from the canvas, and considered what needed to be done. I am just doing my part.”

Lavelle, President of Lavelle Strategy Group, has already carved out a prominent spot in the national marketing industry, as well as in her home community in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She is past chair of the American Advertising Federation’s Council of Governors, where she helped over 40,000 industry members navigate through economic, diversity, and government relations challenges. Lavelle also
launched her industry’s Legacy of a Lifetime initiative by directing attention to AAF’s unparalleled commitment to creativity, diversity, education and leadership by honoring industry greats who remain committed to a lifetime of service.

Over the last decade, this advocate dedicated special attention to her own artistry. She has trained among contemporary visionaries around the globe and built an impressive portfolio. Her work has landed in galleries and in private collections.

Now through the sales of specially curated and inspired collections, her paintings will help to elevate these important causes.
“Helen’s art will really help us kick start our company,” Cardinal Change Founder and Principal Constance Cannon Frazier said about the initiative. For her company, Lavelle’s funding will help build curriculum to train leaders in corporations, organizations and universities “so that we can all try to be more inclusive and open in our thinking,” Frazier stated.

Learn more about Painter with a Purpose at www.helenlavelleartist.com

Helen Lavelle
Lavelle Strategy Group
Visit us on social media:

Painter With a Purpose

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FloraGUPPY, Eco-Friendly foam alternative

FloraGUPPY, Eco-Friendly foam alternative

FloraGUPPY - time & money saver

FloraGUPPY – time & money saver

Flower Arrangement, FloraGUPPY

Flower Arrangement, FloraGUPPY


I wanted to make a difference and I’m pleased to offer florists an alternative to floral foam that is reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly.”

— James Wong, Inventor & CEO / FloraGUPPY Inc. Canada


CAPE TOWN, South Africa. Africa’s growing floral industry is getting the first eco-friendly alternative in 65 years to green floral foam – an industry staple. The product, called the FloraGUPPY, has created a buzz in the industry as a replacement for foam and been praised by trade magazines in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada.

FloraGUPPY inventor, James Wong of Vancouver, Canada, says, “We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer Africa's flower industry an eco-friendly product for florists seeking ways to protect the planet. We have agreed to have a Cape Town floral company which shares our concern for sustainability – Mabel M. Florals – be our lead distributor on the continent.” Africa is now one of the world's top sources for flowers led by Kenya – one of the three countries in East Africa growing flowers. Mabel Maposa says, "The FloraGUPPY is better for the planet than foam and it’s a money and time-saver.”

The FloraGUPPY is receiving rave reviews in London, New York, LA, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Cape Town and other global centres among eco-friendly florists. The game-changing ‘FloraGUPPY’ has become an overnight sensation at consumer and trade flower shows. Schools teaching floristry in Europe and the U.S have made it a teaching module. Its introduction comes at a time when the UK's Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has banned floral foam from all its flower shows including the world's most important show held annually at Chelsea and attended by Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family. One of England's major publishers has called for a foam ban in its newest publication, the Flower Patch. The magazine calls the floraGUPPY, "…Clever…" and praises it in a section headlined, "Say Goodbye to Floral Foam."
The UK’s Flower Arranger magazine, the official publication of NAFAS (the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) recommends it. Canada’s Ontario Gardener magazine, writes, “It’s a simple design whose time has come.” Austria’s leading floral magazine, Gardener + Florist has featured it along with FlowersandCents and FloralDaily. One of the UK’s oldest floral magazines – The Florist – says, ”New Eco-Friendly flower product gains popularity” and “…has become a teaching module at some flower schools." In America, GreenPROFIT magazine described it this way, “Saves time/money and the environment.” And social media has also taken note of it. Washington area florist Michaela Gosar has mentioned the FloraGUPPY to her 45,000 followers.

On the face of it, it looks like nothing more than a plastic sphere with 58 holes of various sizes. So, what’s so great about the FloraGUPPY? Just that it’s a new, revolutionary, alternative to floral foam first introduced in 1954. (At the time it was regarded as a marvellous and useful innovation and over time it became a valuable staple.)

One florist called the FloraGUPPY the modern ‘post-it note of the floral industry’. It’s light, multi-functional and reusable. Wong says, florists concerned about the future of the planet who are shifting away from floral foam, are embracing the FloraGUPPY. "I wanted to make a difference and I’m pleased to offer them something that is reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly,” says Wong.

It’s a hit with eco-minded florists at a time when magazines and newspapers
are running headlines like this one in the Times of London: “Florists are Ditching Plastic Floral Foam for Eco Alternatives.” Some of their social media comments regarding the FloraGUPPY include: “The flowers last longer than in foam…and I don’t feel guilty by using it.” “My clients are…happy that we are an Eco-friendly florist….” “… here in Italy we have started to use the GUPPY for the health of our planet.” “…floraguppy is the present and the future for the industry…" Many florists like it because they say it saves them time and money.

His product has caught on with florists over the globe whose comments include: “Clever Invention”, “Awesome”, “Game-changer”, “Best invention ever!”

The ‘FloraGUPPY has been used by Helen Chambers – one of six marquee florists invited to compete in a special show at the Covent Gardens during the 2019 British Flowers Week. Helen used a bagful of FloraGUPPIES for her elaborate display which was viewed by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who crowned the winner.

The game-changing FloraGUPPY is versatile, comes as two interlocking halves, can be moulded and reshaped in warm water and can be used for fresh cut, silk, paper craft and specialty plants like orchids.

Media Contact: www.floraguppy.com

Warren Michaels
FloraGUPPY Inc. Canada
Vancouver, Canadda
email: wmichaels2012@gmail.com
Mobile: 1-780-977-8261

Warren Michaels
FloraGUPPY Inc. Canada
+1 780-977-8261
email us here

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Rural men have special physical, mental challenges during COVID-19 pandemic

Men’s Health Network

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rural men have special physical, mental challenges during COVID-19 pandemic

Contact: Communications@menshealthnetwork.org

By Robin Mather
For Men’s Health Network

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a double whammy for rural men and their loved ones: Their access to medical care is often difficult because of long distances to travel for treatment, and they are less likely to have access to high-speed internet for telehealth visits.

Even before the pandemic, healthcare for rural men had unique challenges. For the approximately 60 million Americans — nearly one in five — who live in rural areas, limited access to healthcare professionals, particularly specialist care, is a critical barrier to achieving favorable health outcomes. Compared to metropolitan regions, rural and frontier regions contain more than twice as many “Health Professional Shortage Areas” designated by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The reduced healthcare access is a major factor in rural patients’ greater disease burdens and poorer outcomes from chronic conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis.

Those outcomes make rural men especially vulnerable to COVID-19. And if they do get sick with COVID-19, rural men are more likely to require hospitalization because they were sicker to begin with. Increasingly, they’re competing for beds. Hospitalizations for rural COVID-19 patients have been on the rise, from about 10 percent in the first week of October to about 25 percent in late November and early December, a study showed. This is made even more complex and difficult because in many rural areas, hospitals are sparse and tend to have fewer beds in general and fewer intensive care beds.

The study, conducted by the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, was based on data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. On December 15, HHS published weekly data on each U.S. hospital tracking key indicators for how the facilities were coping with Covid-19 care.

The study raised a concern that, while rural COVID-19 hospitalizations lagged behind urban ones, the higher urban rates may mean that there is no space for rural patients if they require care that’s beyond the scope of their nearest hospitals to provide.

Another significant concern is that rural men are likely to experience a sizable increase in mental health needs during and after the pandemic, whether they had a prior history or not. That double whammy – difficulty in accessing health care and lack of access to high speed internet – applies to mental issues, too. Chief among these mental issues is depression, as people feel isolated and alone during the pandemic.

Men’s Health Network, a non-profit concerned with men’s health issues, convened a conference in 2019 to discuss an ongoing crisis in men’s mental health. You can read the report that came out of that conference here.

“For men and boys, these problems can be amplified by cultural expectations that men be stoic. Men are told they are not supposed to cry or show their emotions outwardly, that they are supposed to be self-reliant, to not ask for help, and that any illness, mental or physical, is a sign of weakness and a source of personal shame. Men’s health has a great impact on society as a whole that we are only beginning to recognize,” said Jean Bonhomme, M.D., Founder and Chair of the National Black Men’s Health Network, who helped organize the conference. It was staged in conjunction with the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

“Unnecessary illness and disability among men lead to diminished work productivity, greater work absenteeism, and employers incurring the expenses of training replacement workers. Families may be impacted with increased health care expenses in the face of reduced ability to earn. Jails have taken the place of many US mental hospitals, leading to costly but ineffective interventions,” he said.

Men are less likely to seek treatment for mental health issues, the conference found, but new projects may make it easier for them to do so.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an important frequently used treatment for depression. Its goal is to help patients learn how to change their thinking patterns to improve how they feel. CBT may be used in conjunction with prescription medicine, or on its own.

Evidence has mounted that CBT can address other conditions, such as anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and many others.

CBT is a preferred modality of therapy among many practitioners and insurance companies alike as it can be effective in a brief period, generally 5 to 20 sessions, though there is no set time frame. Research suggests that CBT can be delivered effectively online, in addition to face-to-face therapy sessions.

Robert Bossarte, Ph.D., of West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.Va., is directing a project to see how remote CBT can improve mental health in vulnerable populations. The project is funded by PCORI.

In remote CBT, patients have online therapy sessions. This may be more comfortable for men, who are often reluctant to seek face-to-face care.

In the Bossarte study, the research team will compare two types of remote CBT with usual primary care for treating depression. The study takes place in rural West Virginia, where usual primary care for depression often involves antidepressant medicine alone, but has value for rural healthcare providers across the country.

To get around the issue of lack of access to high-speed internet, the Bossarte study will include components that use participants’ cell phones, including text messages, phone calls and access to online therapy sessions.

The project is recruiting more than 3,000 patients who are currently being treated for depression at West Virginia clinics, assigning them at random to one of three groups. The research team will compare outcomes for patients in those treatment groups:

• The first group receives usual care plus guided remote CBT. In guided remote CBT, a trained coach helps patients complete online therapy sessions with oversight from a clinical psychologist. The coaches also work with patients by email, text, and phone to help them. This will include reminders to take medicines as directed, monitoring side effects of medicine, determining if medicine is working as intended, coordinating with the patient’s doctor, and providing referrals to specialists.
• The second group will receive usual care plus unguided remote CBT. These patients have access to the same online therapy sessions as patients in the first group. But patients in this group complete therapy sessions online by themselves, without help from a coach. The online program provides automated reminders and encouragement during and between sessions.
• Patients in the third group will receive usual care for depression from their primary care doctor. Usual care may consist of antidepressant medicine and/or therapy.

The research team will survey patients 10 times over the course of a year. Researchers will ask patients if their depression has gotten better and if they are using drugs or alcohol. The team will also look at medical records to see if patients are receiving antidepressant medicines. About a year after treatment, the team will ask patients if they made shared decisions about depression treatment with their doctor.

The research team will compare outcomes between patients in the three treatment groups. In addition, the team is looking to see if certain types of patients benefit from having guided versus unguided treatment, or usual care alone. Finally, the team is looking at whether different types of antidepressant medicine work better than others, alone or in combination with CBT.

The team will explore whether access to remote cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) will improve mental health symptoms in vulnerable populations. Outcomes of this project could also lead to future comparative clinical effectiveness research, such as a comparison of modes of providing access to remote CBT and comparisons of different online platforms for remote CBT for various population groups.

To see resources that can help rural residents – whether they’re patients or healthcare providers – improve health in their own communities, visit the appropriate page for your state at the Rural Health Information Hub, funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy.

About Men’s Health Network (MHN)
MHN is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. For information on MHN's programs and activities, visit them at menshealthnetwork.org, on Twitter (@MensHlthNetwork), and on Facebook (facebook.com/menshealthnetwork), or call 202-543-6461.

# # #

Brandon Ross
Men's Health Network
+1 202-543-6461
email us here

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New Agricultural Carbon Alliance Brings Immediate Revenue-Accelerating Opportunities to Growers

Bluesource joins Locus Agricultural Solutions’ next generation carbon program offering high-quality credits, acceleration technology and access to new markets

SOLON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The next generation of carbon programs has come to the agriculture industry with advancements that maximize financial gain for growers. It’s driven by a new alliance between Bluesource, a prominent and respected carbon project developer and retailer, and globally recognized agtech B Corp™ Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG). The two environmentally focused companies have combined expertise to transform Locus AG’s award-winning CarbonNOW™ program into the leading carbon farming incentive with a stronger buyer network, better monetization and more transparency than other offerings.

The CarbonNOW program has been named the top environmental project in the U.S. and a world-changing idea. Through the alliance with Bluesource, CarbonNOW growers will have additional economic opportunities through three revenue streams:

High-Quality Carbon Credits. CarbonNOW growers will be the first to generate ag-based carbon credits for Bluesource’s strong network of global buyers by implementing a multitude of conservation practices. The credits will be marketed as high-quality offerings to ensure they achieve a premium price in the carbon market.

“We’re focusing on quality over quantity—following internationally recognized carbon standards and methodologies to produce premium carbon credits,” said Ben Massie, VP of environmental markets at Bluesource. “But these credits aren’t just simple emission reductions; growers deserve to be recognized for their efforts and we highlight their individual stories to ensure carbon buyers understand the full impact of their investment.”

CarbonNOW offers full transparency with better monetization than other programs. Locus AG field representatives work one-on-one with each grower to manage the entire carbon credit process, making the program easy to implement and minimizing time to completion.

“Our team is on the ground taking a personalized approach to lead growers through every step,” said Grant Aldridge, CEO of Locus AG. “They trust us and know we have the expertise and tools to get them the highest ROI with the best incentives to implement these practices.”

Revenue-Accelerating Soil Technology. CarbonNOW is the only program with soil probiotic technology to immediately protect and improve bottom lines. In addition to other sustainable farming practices, growers in the program implement use of Rhizolizer® Duo, a top biological product proven to supercharge carbon sequestration, boost yields and enhance nutrient uptake for maximum on-farm profits.

“Rhizolizer Duo is the only soil technology proven to simultaneously improve soil health, accelerate productivity and maximize environmental benefits—giving growers a competitive edge,” Aldridge said.

“We chose to partner with Locus AG because of the impact of the CarbonNOW program and the value presented for the farmers and the climate,” Massie said. “Sustainable growing practices combined with the validated technology of Rhizolizer Duo give us the opportunity to support farmers and take meaningful steps on sequestering carbon.”

Access to New Markets. Participation in CarbonNOW also offers a competitive advantage to growers by opening opportunities to both sell commodities at higher premiums and access new sustainability-focused markets and value chains.

“There’s a large market of buyers looking to reduce their environmental impact throughout their supply chain. The CarbonNOW program connects these buyers with environmentally focused growers, creating opportunities for action beyond carbon credits,” Massie said.

Teresa DeJohn
Locus AG
+1 4407241097
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Family Room Entertainment (FMYR) Shifts Gears with Acquisition of Cannabis Operations

FMYR announces change of directions by acquiring cannabis operations

Family Room Entertainment Corp. (OTCMKTS:FMYR)

We are very excited to officially announce the launch of operations in the cannabis and hemp sector.”

— Mark Cheung

LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Family Room Entertainment Corp. (the “Company’) makes it official and announces that it has changed directions. Executive management has focused the past two years acquiring strategic company assets and personnel to best enter a new market. Family Room Entertainment Corp. is proud to unveil our plans to redirect Family Room into the cannabis and hemp markets. The Company is also working on more new developments for 2021.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis and Hemp are dominating new market spaces in the United States. The 2019 US Farm Bill legalizing Hemp trade in the United States, and trends leading toward national legalization of Cannabis, expose a void of supply chains in blooming cannabis and hemp markets. The legal cannabis and hemp industries have shown the greatest potential for growth in current US markets.

The Company in the Summer of 2018, appointed Mark Cheung as its CEO. Mark was tasked by the board to secure assets and experts in the California cannabis industry to add to the Family Room umbrella.

Effective October 1, 2018, the Company acquired a major California Central Valley industry retailer, Sweet Leaf Hydroponics, through the Company’s acquisition of Safestarr Inc.

Sweet Leaf Hydroponics has been supplying cannabis and hemp industry supplies, “picks and shovels”, installation and consultation services to cannabis cultivators, hemp cultivators, and extractors in the Central Valley of Northern California for the past 10 years. Such a retail hydroponics location grants the Company direct access to the cannabis industry supply chain (“picks and shovels”) and longstanding legacy cultivators.

“We are very excited to officially announce the launch of operations in the cannabis and hemp sector,” said Mark Cheung, the Company’s CEO. “We believe that positioning the Company in the very relevant cannabis sector will immediately enhance growth potentials and provide value to our company.”

About Family Room Entertainment Corp.
With its headquarter office located in Lake Forest, California, and founded in 1969 originally as Cobb Resources, Family Room Entertainment Corp. (the “Company”) has focused its business operations in the cannabis sector with its acquisition of Safestarr Inc., a California corporation, which operates under the trade name of Sweet Leaf Hydroponics. Through the acquired operations, the Company markets and sells equipment for cultivators, extraction products, topsoil, and other various “picks and shovels” equipment necessary for cannabis and hemp operations. The Safestarr subsidiary has an active social media presence at its own website (http://www.slhydro.com/) and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SweetLeafHydro/) and Instagram (@sweet_leaf_hydro).

Safe Harbor:
Statements in this press release may constitute forward-looking statements and are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, including the failure to complete successfully the development of new or enhanced products, the Company's future capital needs, the lack of market demand for any new or enhanced products the Company may develop, any actions by the Company's affiliates that may be adverse to the Company, the success of competitive products, other economic factors affecting the Company and its markets, seasonal changes, and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The actual results may differ materially from those contained in this press release. The Company disclaims any obligation to update any statements in this press release.

Family Room Entertainment Corp.
Email: info@fmlyroom.com

Info Office
Family Room Entertainment Corp.

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Aarna Networks Launches New Open Source Software Product to Combat Increased 5G Network and Edge App Management Stress

Aarna Networks Logo

Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform Logo

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, January 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aarna Networks, a leading 5G and edge computing company, announced a new software product, Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform 2.0 (AMCOP), that offers zero touch 5G solutions for B2B use cases. The new product performs orchestration, lifecycle management, and real-time policy driven control loop automation and features a brand new end-to-end 5G network slicing manager.

With the 5G edge computing for B2B expected to reach a $10.8 billion economy by 2030 (ABI Research), AMCOP enters the market as a solution for large enterprises who do not want to dedicate a large IT department, but are looking for reliable, low latency wireless connectivity and industry specific edge computing applications.

“5G and edge computing are key developments in the telecom industry right now. These are expected to open up new revenue opportunities for service providers, particularly in the enterprise market,” said James Crawshaw, Principal Analyst, Omdia. “The networks that support these new technologies are increasingly software driven. Tuning the software stack from the underlying cloud infrastructure to the applications that run on top is a critical industry challenge. As these problems are solved, attention will turn to the management solutions that enable automation. Operators should be proactive in looking for robust management tools now, to be ready to rapidly scale their new services as demand accelerates.”

“Enterprises are looking for a zero touch 5G and edge computing solution with a large choice of applications and connectivity to public networks," said Amar Kapadia, CEO and co-founder of Aarna Networks. “As 5G and edge industries continue to grow, the AMCOP product fills this gap by creating a platform that is vendor neutral, cloud native, and with full 5G support. The addition of an end-to-end network slicing manager will help unlock the true promise of 5G.”

By addressing enterprise use cases such as Industry 4.0, Aarna Networks is able to use a subset of Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) projects — Edge Multi Cluster Orchestrator (EMCO) and Controller Design Studio (CDS) — which allows for intent-based orchestration of 5G network services and edge computing applications as well as comprehensive lifecycle management.

The new AMCOP product includes several key differentiators from other platforms including:
* Vendor Agnostic
* Fully Cloud Native
* 100% Open Source
* Comprehensive 5G support
* Standards compliant
* Lightweight and easy-to-use

In addition to initial trials, AMCOP has two active community 5G Proofs of Concept (PoCs), three paid 5G PoCs and was recognized as a LF Open Network & Edge Summit keynote speaker and NSIN Navy/Marine Corps 5G competition participant. Aarna Networks recently joined the Open Networking Foundation to participate in the SD-RAN/Near Real Time RIC project and was also recognized as one of CRN’s 10 Coolest Edge Computing Startups of 2020.

For more information about AMCOP 2.0 and a free trial, please visit www.aarnanetworks.com/amcop.

About Aarna Networks

Aarna Networks is an open source software company that enables orchestration, management, and automation of 5G networks and edge computing applications. 5G and Edge are a once in a generation disruption that will fundamentally change how we work and live, and Aarna Networks is well positioned to take advantage of this trend. The company uses the Linux Foundation open source projects for its products and is based in San Jose, CA and Bengaluru, India. Please visit us at https://www.aarnanetworks.com or follow us on Twitter at @aarnanetworks.

Martina Corona
Matter Communications o/b/o Aarna Networks
+1 617-391-9898
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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IDS Hits Record 20 Go-Lives in 2020

IDS Logo Asset Finance Technology

IDS Asset Finance Technology

IDS Hits Record 20 Go-Lives in 2020 – Growth fueled by IDScloud, which now has $36B of committed net asset value (NAV) on the platform

IDS is committed to helping our customers succeed and have invested in building the products to support their growth.”

— David Hamilton, IDS CEO

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — IDS, a leading provider of asset and equipment finance technology announced today that it has exited 2020 hitting multiple company milestones including 20 go-lives of its industry leading technologies and crossing the $36B mark of committed NAV on the IDScloud platform. This growth supports leading financial firms moving to the cloud as they look to grow and thrive through the current market challenges. This also demonstrates IDS’ ability to deliver world-class solutions without the need to be on-site.

“2020 was a challenging year for everyone with the disruption of business-as-usual, but it also has forced a number of business changes, including the adoption of cloud technology, which is helping forward-looking firms succeed through these challenging times,” stated David Hamilton, CEO of IDS. “IDS is committed to helping our customers succeed and have invested in building the products to support their growth. The significant achievements of the team in 2020 provided strong market-based validation that our technology products are aligned with the market’s needs.”

IDS 2020 highlights:

20 Customers Go-Lives
With customers shifting to remote work, the IDS team quickly switched to remote onboarding and implementation, including data migration. This was enabled through implementation of best practices for remote deployment and support built on IDScloud, a 100% software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

“I could not be more pleased with the results from this year and the ability of the IDS team to lean into the task of delivering 20 go-lives remotely,” stated Katie Emmel, COO of IDS. “Many equipment finance organizations were faced with the challenge of continuing to hit their targets with their team working remote. IDS was able to meet the demand of the market with an established cloud-based solution. It is this flexibility and customer centric focus that continues to drive IDS to provide market leading technology.”

Cloud Security Validation With SOC Certifications
In 2020, IDScloud™ completed a rigorous and comprehensive audit conducted by an independent third-party resulting in being awarded System and Organization Control (SOC) 2 type II and SOC 3 security certifications. These certifications recognize that IDS has met comprehensive trust service principles established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) related to security, availability, confidentiality and process integrity for its IDScloud origination and equipment finance portfolio management platform. IDS has made the full report for the SOC certifications available on our website.

Customer Support Through the Pandemic
In 2020, the IDS team was able to quickly respond to the needs of our customers with technology solutions that supported them through the changing business environment. The IDS team delivered new solutions and tools to help our cloud-based and on-premise customers service and support their customers through the pandemic. These offerings included:

• Portfolio Risk Visualizer – New SaaS offering developed in under six weeks providing customers with a near-real time view of COVID infections rates in the locations where the lessor has contracted assets. This view allowed customers to understand and anticipate potential deferral request from their customers.

• Negative Interest Rates – With the U.S. fed dropping interest rates to historic lows, credit spreads had the potential to go negative. IDS delivered an update to InfoLease® to ensure support of negative interest rates.

• Mass update utility – Customers were looking for a more efficient way to handle bulk restructures and deferrals across their portfolio. IDS delivered new tools to ensure they could serve the needs of their customers.

About IDS
The scalability, flexibility and economy of our cloud solution, IDScloud, makes IDS best-in-class asset finance software accessible to banks, independents and captives of all sizes. The solution offers an easy-to-consume, pay for what you use, cloud-based SaaS offering. From beginning to end of the leasing process — applications and documentation to contract terms and payments — IDScloud provides tools to help businesses respond to deals quickly and reduce operating costs.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, the company also has offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

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Agriculture Market Trends Include Agribots For More Productivity And Less Labor

Agriculture Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact And Recovery To 2030

Agriculture Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact And Recovery To 2030

The Business Research Company’s Agriculture Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery to 2030

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, January 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New year, new updates! Our reports have been revised for market size, forecasts, and strategies to take on 2021 after the COVID-19 impact: https://www.thebusinessresearchcompany.com/global-market-reports

Shortage of labor and increasing demand for advanced agriculture tools in many countries is driving the demand for agriculture robots or agribots according to the agriculture market outlook in TBRC’s agriculture market report. Agribots are used in farmlands for pruning, weeding and spraying pesticides and herbicides. They are connected to tractors for spraying water, seeds, pesticides, nutrients and harvesting. For instance, Energid Citrus Picking Robot System picks an orange every two seconds from a tree, thus enhancing productivity and thereby limiting the need for agricultural labor.
Some of the companies providing agribots for effective and efficient productivity in agriculture are Small Robot Company, Naio Technologies, EarthSense, HETO Agrotechnics, Harvest Automation, PrecisionHawk, and BoniRob.

The agriculture market consists of sales of agriculture and related services by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that provide agriculture and related services such as animal and crop produce and other support services. Agriculture involves the cultivation of plants, and animal and bird rearing for food, fabrics, fibers, biofuel, medicinal and other products used to sustain and enhance human life. This market also includes horticulture and aquaculture. This market excludes proceeds from captive (internal) consumption of the agriculture and forest produce for further processing. The agriculture market is segmented into animal produce, crop production, and rural activities.

The global agriculture market size is expected to grow from $9.60 trillion in 2020 to $10.18 trillion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6%. Agriculture market research shows that the growth is mainly due to the companies rearranging their operations and recovering from the COVID-19 impact, which had earlier led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working, and the closure of commercial activities that resulted in operational challenges. The market is expected to reach $13.13 trillion in 2025 at a CAGR of 7%.

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Interested to know more about The Business Research Company?
The Business Research Company is a market intelligence firm that excels in company, market, and consumer research. Located globally it has specialist consultants in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, chemicals, and technology.

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The CBD Haven introduces three new CBD brands to their lineup

The CBD Haven Logo cbdonline

The CBD Haven, Inc. – For all your CBD needs.

Industry leading CBD retailer, The CBD Haven, is delighted to introduce three new brands to the lineup of their products.

At the CBD Haven, we offer a large selection of brands, such as Relive Everyday, CBDistillery, Nuleaf Naturals, CBDfx, Lazarus Naturals, Plus CBD Oil, Social CBD, Nanocraft CBD. We give you a choice.”

— The CBD Haven, Inc.

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Industry leading Chicago based CBD retailer, The CBD Haven, Inc. (https://thecbdhaven.com), is proud to announce the addition of three new CBD brands to their already large selection of quality CBD brands. The list of brands and products is expected to grow.

Effective immediately, products from Social CBD, Plus CBD Oil and Nanocraft CBD will be available to purchase online.

Social CBD, concentrating in THC Free broad spectrum and CBD Isolate products offers a large variety of oils and gummies.

Plus CBD Oil, specializing in full spectrum CBD offering gummies and softgel capsules in a few different formulas.

Nanocraft CBD, the athlete’s choice, provides broad spectrum selection of oils and softgels.

These brands are joining a quickly growing selection of products from CBD brands such as:

Lazarus Naturals
Nuleaf Naturals
Relive Everyday

A ton of customers were happy to disclose that The CBD Haven’s user-friendly website makes it easy to buy CBD online. The platform provides a seamless experience from browsing through a vast selection of CBD products to fast delivery to all 50 states.

When shopping for CBD online, The CBD Haven is offering a 15% discount on your first purchase. Use code WELCOME15 at checkout.


At the CBD Haven, we offer a large selection of brands, such as Relive Everyday, CBDistillery, Nuleaf Naturals, CBDfx, Lazarus Naturals and more. We give you a choice of CBD oil, tinctures, CBD gummies, soft gels & capsules, pet oil tinctures, spray and topical. Large selection of hemp-derived CBD. We also carry full spectrum, or if you're looking for CBD oil without THC broad-spectrum, and Isolate CBD products.

For more information, please visit: https://thecbdhaven.com

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