CDC Responds to the Growing Health Risks Posed by Global Dog Importation

Dogs exported to the US are often raised in horrific conditions

The Healthy Dog Importation Act would establish basic import standards to protect people, pets, and livestock from imported pathogens”

— Patti Strand, NAIA President

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 / — The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) welcomes today’s announcement from the CDC to prohibit dog imports from areas of high risk for rabies. Today’s action highlights the need to address critical gaps in the oversight of dog imports to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the U.S.

We are pleased to see the CDC taking this step to protect animal and public health. Unfortunately, this action would cover only about 6% of annual dog imports, and does not address the multiple other diseases and pathogens that pose a severe threat to people, pets, and livestock as a result of dogs being imported into the U.S. These include lethal diseases like rabies, exotic parasites, and other infectious diseases that have already caused epidemics in our pets.

"The Healthy Dog Importation Act would establish basic import standards to protect people, pets, and livestock from imported pathogens. We look forward to this bipartisan bill being re-introduced and working with Congress and a broad coalition of bill supporters to see it enacted," said Patti Strand, NAIA President.


The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) is a broad-based animal welfare organization founded in 1991 to provide effective and humane solutions to complex issues involving animals. NAIA's membership is diverse and bi-partisan and includes grassroots animal enthusiasts, hands-on experts working in the field, and highly credentialed professionals. NAIA's expertise in animal welfare and husbandry is recognized and relied upon nationwide.

National Animal Interest Alliance
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Ruppert Landscape Promotes Drew Dummann to lead Raleigh, NC Branch

LAYTONSVILLE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 / — Ruppert Landscape recently promoted Drew Dummann to lead the company’s Raleigh, North Carolina location as branch manager.

Dummann holds a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from The Ohio State University and has been with the Ruppert organization for almost 15 years. He worked in the company’s landscape construction division for the first eight years with the Maryland and Virginia landscape construction branches as a production manager. He then transferred to the landscape management division as an enhancement manager in Frederick before relocating with his family to North Carolina and joining the Raleigh team as an area manager. He has been recognized twice with the company’s Branch Impact Award for his dedication and contributions to the team—in 2007 for the Maryland landscape construction branch and in 2017 for the Raleigh, NC landscape management branch—and was also recognized with one of the company’s top honors, the Achievement Award, in 2009 for demonstrating outstanding job execution and high quality results. Since 2016, he has taken on the responsibilities of Associate Branch Manager, a role which was designed to prepare talented team members to take on future opportunities. In early 2021 as former Raleigh branch manager Sam Wells prepared to open and lead a new branch in Durham, North Carolina, Drew was the obvious choice to step up and lead the Raleigh team.

“During his time as associate branch manager, Drew has been instrumental in the growth and success of the branch as he and Sam worked together to plan and build a structure for a smooth transition,” said Fred Key, region vice president in the company’s landscape management division. “Drew and Sam will continue to work closely together through this transition to ensure success for our employees and customers.” He continued, “It is always exciting when our growth and success creates opportunity for our team members to advance their careers, and particularly satisfying when it pays off for one of our hardworking and dedicated teammates who has continually put himself out there to take on new challenges.”

As branch manager, Dummann will be responsible for the overall welfare of the Raleigh branch, including the safety and development of his team, strategic planning and budgeting, training, customer service, and day-to-day operations.

“I’ve learned many different management styles from the various managers and mentors that I have worked with over the years,” says Dummann. “I’m excited to apply everything I’ve learned to help develop this group of men and women and grow our business in the Raleigh market.”

The Raleigh location serves the greater Raleigh area including Garner, Wake Forest, Apex, and Cary. From this location, the company provides comprehensive landscape management/contract services including design and landscape enhancement, turf care, irrigation system management, pond and lake management, arbor care, snow and ice management, and holiday decorations.

Ruppert Landscape, a family and employee-owned business, has been an industry-leading provider of commercial landscape construction and management services for nearly 50 years. Headquartered in Laytonsville, Maryland, the company employs over 1800 people and serves customers from 29 branches in eight primary markets: Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Houston. The company has a long-standing tradition of growing its team and giving back to the community. Learn more at

Amy Snyder
Ruppert Landscape
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Ruppert Landscape Employees Enhance the Landscape of Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus

Community service event included $175,000 in materials & 1100 labor hours donated

Our innovators will pursue the next great pediatric breakthroughs here…The Ruppert Landscape team ensured that they will be able to do so in a beautiful setting.”

— Julie Butler, VP, Children’s National Hospital Foundation

LAYTONSVILLE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 / — On Friday, June 4th, 80 employees from Ruppert Landscape’s Maryland, DC and Virginia branches came together to put the finishing touches on the grounds of the Children’s Hospital’s new Research & Innovation Campus in Washington, D.C. The installation was part of Ruppert's “Field Day” event, which enables the company and its employees to give back to the community, combining charitable giving, training, and friendly competition amongst branches. Team members competed in a variety of events: some testing their knowledge and skills, like tree planting and cleanest truck competitions; others fun in nature, like dodgeball; and others that will have a direct, long-lasting and high-quality benefit for the research campus.

“When we look for potential sites to hold our Field Day, we are looking for a project where we can utilize our landscaping skills and company resources to better our community,” said Craig Ruppert, Ruppert Landscape CEO. “This project came to us through a long-term relationship with one of our customers, Brigg Bunker of Foulger-Pratt, who is on the board of the Children’s Hospital Foundation. We are happy to donate our time and talents to help enhance this campus where researchers are making innovative breakthroughs to improve upon the treatment and care of childhood diseases.”

This day of service involved a significant investment of both time and materials, totaling approximately $175,000 and consisting of 1100 labor hours. To bring this project to fruition, 30 trees, 4700 perennials and 40 yards of mulch will be installed as well as some pruning and removal of dead trees around the property’s perimeter. The Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus is located on a 12-acre portion of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Upon its opening in September of 2021, it will be the nation’s first campus dedicated to pediatrics with the goal of accelerating breakthrough discoveries into new treatments and technologies.

“We are so grateful for the generous support of Ruppert Landscape and the hard work of its teams to transform the landscaping at the new Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus,” said Julie Butler, vice president for the Children’s National Hospital Foundation. “Our innovators will pursue the next great pediatric breakthroughs here, and young people and their families will visit the campus to receive the best care possible. The Ruppert Landscape team ensured that they will be able to do so in a beautiful setting.”

Field Day is Ruppert Landscape's community service event that enables the company to enjoy friendly competition and team building while donating time and materials to provide an immediate and lasting benefit for the community. Over the years, these charitable projects have included parks, playgrounds, and schools that needed a little outside help to jumpstart their renovation. Since 1993, Ruppert Landscape has transformed the grounds of 26 DC Public Schools, Inman Field in Atlanta, Carroll Park in Baltimore, the Armed Forces Retirement Home in D.C. and most recently, Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Stone Mountain, GA.

About Children’s National Hospital
Children’s National Hospital, based in Washington, D.C., celebrates 150 years of pediatric care, research and commitment to community. Volunteers opened the hospital in 1870 with 12 beds for children displaced after the Civil War. Today, 150 years stronger, it is among the nation’s top 10 children’s hospitals. It is ranked No.1 for newborn care for the fourth straight year and ranked in all specialties evaluated by U.S. News & World Report. Children’s National is transforming pediatric medicine for all children. In 2021, the Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus will open, the first in the nation dedicated to pediatric research. Children’s National has been designated three times in a row as a Magnet® hospital, demonstrating the highest standards of nursing and patient care delivery. This pediatric academic health system offers expert care through a convenient, community-based primary care network and specialty care locations in the D.C. metropolitan area, including the Maryland and Northern Virginia suburbs. Children’s National is home to the Children’s National Research Institute and Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation and is the nation’s seventh-highest NIH-funded children’s hospital. It is recognized for its expertise and innovation in pediatric care and as a strong voice for children through advocacy at the local, regional and national levels. For more information, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Ruppert Landscape
Ruppert Landscape, a family and employee-owned business, has been an industry-leading provider of commercial landscape construction and management services for nearly 50 years. Headquartered in Laytonsville, Maryland, the company employs over 1800 people and serves customers from 29 branches in eight primary markets: Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Houston. The company has a long-standing tradition of growing its team and giving back to the community. Learn more at

Amy Snyder
Ruppert Landscape
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NYSK Contracts Cedarstone Industry to Build Turnkey GMP Compliant Cannabis Ethanol Extraction System

The company has been manufacturing superior quality processing equipment for the past 20 years.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 / — Cedarstone Industry is pleased to announce it has been contracted by NYSK to build its turnkey, GMP compliant ethanol extraction system.

Located in Houston, Texas, Cedarstone Industry has been manufacturing superior quality processing equipment to Bluebell, Heineken, Anheuser-Busch, GEA, Tetra Pak, Coca-Cola, GE Pharmaceutic, and a long list of other companies over the last twenty years. The company delivers Architecture, Engineering, and Construction solutions to assure outcome for complex projects worldwide and, thanks to its consistent and rigorous quality requirement, the company has successfully evolved into one of the most reputable entities in the manufacturing industry.

In the company’s most recent news, Cedarstone Industry has been contracted by NYSK to build a turnkey GMP compliant cannabis ethanol extraction system. This system includes ethanol prechill module, centrifuge extraction module, filtration module, pre-heat module, ethanol evaporation module, decarboxylation module, and UL listed control with remote access features.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to collaborate with NYSK to support their growing business,” says the founder of Cedarstone Industry. “With over 20 years in the manufacturing industry, we have perfected our quality control criteria to ensure the durability and longevity of our cannabis extraction equipment, making us the ideal company for this project. We are excited to build a positive working relationship with NYSK and look forward to future collaborations.”

Pharmacann – NYSK was founded to address the real need of medicinal cannabis in the European Union and abroad. The company has invested in its operation in Macedonia, with the goal of producing the highest grades of medical cannabis based on API (Active Pharmaceutical Substance). Along with conforming and adhering to pharmaceutical standards, their primary goal is patient-focused and they are heavily focused on research, awareness and education.

“With an 18,000 m2 (193,750 ft2) facility with 7,516 m2 (80,901 ft2) of cultivation space, NYSK boasts one of the most impressive facilities in the world,” says Head of Cultivation, Vlado Keskovski at NYSK. “The EU market is moving quickly and countries are passing cannabis positive laws monthly.”

Cedarstone Industry’s CBD extraction machines are comprehensive systems which boast numerous features, including:
• Pre-Chilled Ethanol Tanks Module
• Centrifugal Extraction Module
• Filtration Skid Module
• Ethanol Recovery Module (Falling Film Evaporator / Wiper Film Evaporator)
• Vacuum Skid
• NEMA 4X stainless UL listed control
• Explosive Proof (Class I Division I) Intrinsically Safe, ATEX / SGS Certified Control Tablet
• UL Listed Pumps and Integrated Piping
• And more
For more information about Cedarstone Industry, please visit

About Cedarstone Industry

Over the past 20 years, Cedarstone Industry has evolved into an all-around entity, supplying turn-key installation service, Extraction Equipment, Stainless Tank, Mixing Vessel, Pressure Vessel, CIP, UHT, Commercial beer brewing equipment, and more.

About NYSK Holdings

NYSK Holdings is part of PHCANN International, one of the biggest European companies in the cannabis industry. The company is the first Macedonian licensed company for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

Cedarstone Industry
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Giant Sulcata Tortoises Overwhelm U.S. Rescues


Popcorn at American Tortoise Rescue

Tank destroys a lawn chair.

Tank enjoys fress hay

American Tortoise Rescue Calls for a Halt on Sales and Breeding

We request simple market driven economics. People shouldn’t buy sulcatas. Pet stores should stop selling them. Reptile shows must have a 'no sulcata' policy. Only then will breeding stop.”

— Susan Tellem, RN, BSN, Executive Director

MALIBU, CA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 / — American Tortoise Rescue (ATR), Malibu, CA, is calling on the pet industry, reptile wholesalers and private breeders to stop the breeding and sale of giant tortoises commonly called sulcatas.

Geochelone sulcata is a hardy and personable species of tortoise. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, it became part of the lucrative pet trade during the 1990s. Hatchlings have an engaging nature and are extremely cute making them one of the most commonly purchased pet tortoises in North America, usually as an impulse buy. Unknown to the unwary buyer, however, is the fact that sulcatas are the third largest species of tortoise in the world weighing up to 200 pounds, often attaining a large and destructive size in a short period of time. Adult female sulcatas can easily produce 50 –100 eggs a year. It’s not unusual to see hundreds of hatchlings for sale at reptile shows that sell for anywhere between $100 and $1,000.

According to Susan Tellem, co-founder of ATR, sulcata breeders and pet stores that sell them create problems that tortoise rescuers are expected to solve. "The pet industry looks for small, exotic animals to sell with a big price tag," Tellem says. "We've conducted a survey of sulcata owners about what they were told when they purchased their tortoises. Whether at a pet store or reptile show – the answer is the same. 'It won't get bigger than its tank.' This is patently ridiculous and a deliberate lie.” Worse, the sulcata which requires sunshine and warm weather throughout the year is sold in all 50 states, many of which suffer freezing temperatures. “Minnesota and Wisconsin, for example, are terrible locations for a tortoise that must have constant sun/heat to avoid crippling metabolic bone disease.”

Tellem adds, "Sulcata owners quickly become aware of the difficulties associated with having a potentially destructive non-housebroken animal of this size. A sulcata is strong and aggressive and can easily move furniture and damage or destroy items in and around a typical house or apartment. When they eat all the grass and plants, and dig massive holes on the property, we get desperate emails to rehome them." Rescues typically receive three or four calls a week from owners who want to get rid of their sulcatas, most often when they reach 50 pounds or 10 years of age. Many rescues do not charge a rehoming fee, so despite the high price tag at pet stores and with breeders, these animals are offered free to people with large yards who can offer good forever homes.

Tellem, who founded the nonprofit 31 years ago with her husband, Marshall Thompson, says, "Many owners assume that when the tortoise becomes a problem, zoos will take them, which is not true. Zoos are not interested in ‘cast-off’ pets." Tellem says that the zoos instead refer people to her rescue. She has placed hundreds into good homes but this is extremely difficult because it is not easy finding places with a quarter-acre or very large yard the owners do not mind being destroyed. They do not hibernate, which means an owner must provide a large house with indestructible electric heat blankets for cold winter months.

"Since sulcatas can live 100 years or more, and because the males fight when placed together, and male and female sulcatas breed, overcrowded rescues quickly run out of space. At that point, there is no solution for the unhappy owner other than fining a new home through posting at veterinarian’s office or on a local homeowner’s website like NextDoor," says Tellem.
Tellem adds that some owners mistakenly think that they can sell the huge animal for a large profit. "There is no market for adult sulcatas," Tellem says. "The only option remaining for some cruel owners is to dump the sulcata in the wild where it will die a slow death by freezing or starving, or to give it up for adoption." Finding a compassionate adopter who is willing to put up with the destruction is not easy.

Tellem says that breeders won't turn their backs on an obvious money making machine. "So what we request is simply market driven economics. People shouldn’t buy sulcatas. Pet stores should stop selling them. Reptile shows must have a 'no sulcata' policy. Only then will breeding stop.”

American Tortoise Rescue (ATR), Malibu, Calif., is a nonprofit founded in 1990 to provide for the protection of all species of tortoise and turtle. It provides permanent sanctuary to abandoned and lost tortoises, as well as those that are confiscated from law enforcement. Celebrate World Turtle Day™ ( which ATR founded in 2000 each year on May 23rd. For more information, visit American Tortoise Rescue at; email; like on Facebook; IG at tortoiserescue; YouTube at AmericanTortRescue; and on Twitter @Tortoiserescue.
# # #

Susan Tellem
American Tortoise Rescue
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email us here
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Male sulcatas fight when they get hormones and need to be separated

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Wouldn't You Like To Hear A "Hurtin' Cheatin' Lyin' Country Song?"

“My Guitar Drips Country”

Richard Lynch

Country chart-topper Richard Lynch releases new single and video for his ode to old-school, traditional country music.

Would it really be a sin to make country music sad again?”

— Richard Lynch

WAYNESVILLE, OH, USA, June 14, 2021 / — With a name that has become synonymous with traditional country music, Richard Lynch delivers his latest single and video,"Hurtin' Cheatin' Lyin' Country Song." The nostalgic ode to country songs of yesteryear is the latest release from his aptly-titled album, "My Guitar Drips Country." Written by Lynch and Scott Southworth, "Hurtin'" begs the question, "Would it really be a sin to make country music sad again?" It's an obvious afront to the current trend of party-themed "bro-country" fare that has permeated the radiowaves for the past 5 years.

Watch the newly released music video at

ABOUT RICHARD LYNCH: Over the past 3 decades, Richard Lynch has compiled a long list of country hits and chart-toppers on both domestic and international sales and radio airplay charts, including two #1 iTunes chart singles, multiple #1 New Music Weekly radio songs, #1 IndieWorld and Roots Music Report chart tracks and a Christian Music Weekly Top 20 single. His songs have been streamed over 300K times on Spotify and 400K times on Youtube. Richard has been in Billboard Magazine, Taste Of Country, The Boot, CCM Magazine, Country Music People, and countless others. He has also appeared on WSM Radio Nashville, RFD TV, Fox TV and more. He has recorded popular duets with legendary artists like Ronnie McDowell and Leona Williams, as well as Grammy Winner, Rhonda Vincent. Richard Lynch is a proud member of the Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame and the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. Lynch is also the owner of Keepin' It Country Farm in Waynesville, OH and co-founder of Love Tattoo Foundation that assists veterans.


Michael Stover
MTS Management Group

“Hurtin’ Cheatin’ Lyin’ Country Song”

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Goodrich Farm of Salisbury, Vermont Wins 2021 Dairy Sustainability Award

Farmers Chase and Danielle Goodrich of Salisbury, Vermont are winners of the 2021 Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

Unique Farm Powered Anaerobic Digester partnership with Vanguard Renewables, Middlebury College, and VGS recycles farm and food waste into renewable natural gas

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 / — Today the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy announced that Goodrich Farm of Salisbury, Vermont is the winner of a 2021 Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award. The U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards honor dairy farms, businesses, and partnerships whose practices improve the well-being of people, animals, and the planet. Among its many sustainability initiatives, the Goodrich Farm hosts an anaerobic digester in partnership with Vanguard Renewables, Middlebury College, and Vermont Gas Systems that produces 180,000 Mcf of renewable natural gas and features the first phosphorus removal system in Vermont to protect the Lake Champlain watershed.

“The Goodrich Family is invested in the future. They have created a path of sustainability focused on innovation,” said Anson Tebbetts, Secretary for Vermont’s Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets. “All through the process, Chase and his family knew it would create a positive path for their multi-generational family farm. But the project is also about their neighbors and the community including a major college institution.”

Goodrich Farm, managed by siblings Chase and Danielle Goodrich, is a multi-generational dairy farm in Addison County milking 900 cows while caring for more than 2,000 acres of land. The farm is a member of the Agri-Mark/Cabot Cooperative. In 2020, the unique partnership of Goodrich Farm, Vanguard Renewables, Middlebury College, and Vermont Gas Systems launched a 1.32-million-gallon Farm Powered® anaerobic digester project to produce 180,000 Mcf of renewable natural gas annually from manure and food and beverage waste. One of the largest anaerobic digesters in the U.S., the project was over a decade in the making.

“In 2009, when Danielle and I entered the dairy business after attending college, we saw two major challenges to our viability – the dairy business was getting more volatile and the environmental impact of dairy farms was under greater scrutiny,” said Chase Goodrich. “Hosting the anaerobic digester diversifies our income, improves our carbon footprint while protecting water quality, and makes us better neighbors, farmers, and animal owners.”

At the Farm Powered anaerobic digester methane-emitting cow manure and food waste are recycled into carbon negative renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG travels by pipeline to Middlebury College’s nearby power plant, bringing the College closer to reaching its 10-year goal to power the campus with 100 percent clean energy. The anaerobic digester provides the farm with a diversified income stream in addition to high-quality, low carbon liquid fertilizer, animal bedding, and a reduction in the farm’s carbon footprint.

“We are thrilled for this recognition for the Goodrich Family”, said John Hanselman, Founder and Chief Development Officer of Vanguard Renewables. “Even better, Chase and Danielle’s sustainability journey is highly replicable. All dairy farms can incorporate regenerative agricultural practices such as no till farming and cover crops and pursue hosting an anaerobic digester project to diversify revenue and sustain the farm for future generations.”

This year the U. S. Dairy Innovation Center awards recognized seven winners across five categories; and Goodrich Farm is one of three 2021 Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability winners across the U.S. and the only winner in New England. The New England region has a strong agrarian tradition but lost 19 acres of farmland per day or 7,000 acres/year between 2001 and 2016 due to severe development pressure (according to the latest data available from American Farmland Trust).

About Goodrich Farm
Goodrich Farm is a multi-generational dairy farm managed by siblings Chase and Danielle Goodrich with 900 milking cows. A member of the Agri-Mark Cabot Creamery Cooperative, the farm started in the dairy business in 1956 with ten milking cows. The farm cultivates 1,750 acres of hay and 640 acres of corn. Today, Goodrich Farm hots a Farm Powered® anaerobic digester with two 660,000 gallon capacity tanks, a hydrolyzer, and the first-in-Vermont phosphorous management system. They annual input of the digester is 3,650 tons of manure and 975,000 tons of organics; annual digester output is 180,000 Mcf/y of baseload Renewable Natural Gas for pipeline injection.

About Vanguard Renewables
Vanguard Renewables is the national leader in the development of food and dairy waste-to-renewable energy projects. The Company is committed to advancing decarbonization by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farms and food waste and supporting regenerative agriculture best practice on partner farms. In December 2020, Vanguard launched the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance alongside food industry leaders Dairy Farmers of America, Unilever, and Starbucks. The Alliance commits to developing a circular solution to food waste reduction and recycling from manufacturing and the supply chain and decarbonization. Vanguard owns and operates six anaerobic digester facilities in the northeast, has 10 under construction or in permitting nationwide, and will develop 100 in the top 20 U.S. markets by 2025. Vanguard’s established renewable natural gas offtake agreements with national utilities including Dominion Energy and ONE Gas, and its strategic alliance with 14,500-dairy member cooperative Dairy Farmers of America, position the Company to significantly impact U.S. production and delivery of renewable natural gas to commercial and residential customers across the country. Vanguard received the 2020 Energy Vision Leadership Award.
Please visit to learn more.

Vanguard Renewables Media Contact:
Kelley Devaney (855) 720-2364

Vanguard Renewables Media Room

Kelley Devaney
Vanguard Renewables
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Northern Colorado hemp company shakes up CBD pricing with low-cost, high-strength product lineup

Plants Over Pills Colorado - Matt Gibson works on the 2020 hemp CBD crop

Matt Gibson, co-founder of Plants Over Pills Colorado (, inspects CBD from the company’s 2020 crop.

The Plants Over Pills Colorado (P.O.P. Colorado) company logo.

The Plants Over Pills Colorado ( logo.

Plants Over Pills Colorado (P.O.P. Colorado) sees a drop in CBD production costs as an opportunity to make hemp products accessible to lower-income customers.

More and more people are using CBD as a medicine, and it’s too expensive for most people to use every day. You shouldn’t be locked out of something that really works because of your income.”

— Matt Gibson

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, USA, June 11, 2021 / — Following CBD’s meteoric rise in popularity, an increase in hemp production has flooded supply lines and driven down the cost of raw materials. Many companies have neglected to pass those savings on to consumers, opting instead to allow profit margins to grow in the apparent hope that consumers would not notice.

Cat and Matt Gibson, who co-founded Fort Collins-based Plants Over Pills Colorado (P.O.P. Colorado), have gone the opposite direction with their company’s pricing, treating the drop in production costs as an opportunity to make their hemp products more accessible to customers with lower incomes.

“More and more people are using CBD as a medicine, and it’s too expensive for most people to use every day,” Matt Gibson said. “You shouldn’t be locked out of something that really works because of your income.”

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration prohibits hemp companies from making specific claims regarding the medical efficacy of CBD or other cannabinoids, countless consumers nationwide have come to rely on cannabinoids for relief from pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and other ailments. Many prescription medications designed to treat those same conditions carry the potential for addiction or death.

It was the Gibsons’ first-hand experience with prescription painkillers that drove them to found their company.

“Catherine’s dad died of a doctor-prescribed pain medication overdose—opiates. And we’ve seen several of our friends die from opiate overdose. We wish those people had an opportunity to use these hemp cannabinoid products instead of opiates. We feel like they would still be here today,” Matt Gibson said.

They knew their effort would be for naught if their products weren’t strong enough to be effective. Though low-cost CBD and hemp products are widely accessible, most contain vanishingly small concentrations of cannabinoids, and others contain isolates prone to damage by harsh or questionable extraction techniques.

Working with botanists, laboratory specialists and other experts in the cannabis industry, the Gibsons developed high-strength CBD, CBG and CBN products that are pure and undamaged.

Matt Gibson said the process was a challenge from the start because large, profit-driven hemp extract suppliers have helped fuel the idea that the hemp industry is a massive cash grab.

“Most people didn’t have the time to talk to us at the level that we could afford to come in at,” he said. “They only wanted to work with big whales spending millions of dollars from the very start. So we talked to a couple of guys that we were introduced to by a friend—kind of hippie guys—and they gave us smaller amounts that would allow us to enter the industry on a small budget. They didn’t gouge us and they taught us what high quality hemp oil actually looks like. Unfortunately, that's not what a lot of brands are selling.”

It was the desire to learn every part of the hemp production process that led the Gibsons to start growing their own hemp in 2020, and to purchase their own hemp oil extractor. With full vertical control over their products, which they formulate, bottle and label, they would be better equipped to control both quality and pricing.

While they do have bigger aspirations for P.O.P. Colorado, right now their focus is on local expansion. As the epicenter of hemp science and production, Northern Colorado seems to them to be the ideal place to gain a foothold.

"I think if we can win over the educated, hemp-savvy customers of Northern Colorado, then we can do it anyplace,” Matt Gibson said. “We have one of the most educated markets because we’ve been at the forefront of cannabis production as a state, and this is an agricultural area of Colorado. If we can prove that our products’ quality and price is the best here, then we’ll be able to do that anywhere.”

Learn more about Plants Over Pills Colorado at

Matt Gibson
Plants Over Pills Colorado
+1 970-414-1234
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Provivi® Animated Campaign Wins Three Telly Awards

Farmer working the field.

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Richard Goldgewicht collaborates with Provivi® on the "Provivi Farmers" video campaign to win three Telly Awards.

Provivi is strongly driven to highlight our story and impact, and we are proud to be able to do so with a creative approach thanks to the artistic insight Richard brings to every visual project.”

— JP Vollmers-Hansen, Director Global Marketing, Provivi

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2021 / — Provivi® Inc ("Provivi"), an emerging crop protection company using pheromones to protect crops from major damaging insects, proudly announces three award wins for its video campaign collaboration with filmmaker Richard Goldgewicht at the 41st Annual Telly Awards.

The Telly Awards honors the best in film and video through every medium and on all screens. This year's winners display substantial growth and resourcefulness in video production, distribution, and storytelling.

"We consider it a great accomplishment for our animated campaign to be recognized by the Telly Awards, and applaud Richard Goldgewicht's work as it illustrates his dedication to great film and video production," said Jens Peter Vollmers-Hansen, Director Global Marketing. "Provivi is strongly driven to highlight our story and impact, and we are proud to be able to do so with a creative approach thanks to the artistic insight Richard brings to every visual project."

"Provivi Farmers" depicts the timeless tale of farmers managing their crops and handling pests threatening their harvest, presenting Provivi's safer and affordable pheromones as an effective solution. The video campaign was among tens of thousands of inspiring and visionary submissions judged by a celebrated group of over 200 industry experts from leading companies in entertainment, publishing, advertising, and emerging technology.

Watch "Provivi Farmers" at

About Provivi
We are a groundbreaking science-based company creating scalable, safer insect control technology that will improve the quality of life for all humans and our world.

Provivi is developing a family of safe, effective, and economical pheromone solutions, creating a new foundation for pest and resistance management in crop production. Pheromones are substances that serve as highly selective attractants for insects, allowing the control of harmful pests while preserving beneficial insects. Provivi's patented production method enables a step-change in the cost of manufacturing pheromones, allowing the use of this proven tool in high-acreage crops such as corn, rice, and soy.

About Richard Goldgewicht
Richard Goldgewicht's work has garnered critical acclaim at major film festivals around the world. Premiering his debut animated documentary Pablo at Rotterdam in 2012, the film went on to play in dozens of festivals and international broadcasters featuring Jeff Bridges' narration and a cast of celebrated film artists who collaborated with iconic artist and film designer Pablo Ferro. In 2018 he opened 'A Thousand Kisses' in Annecy and played the artistic animated film about love letters retrieved from the Second World War in over a hundred festivals worldwide, garnering film and design awards and being presented in museums in the US, Germany, and Brazil.

Richard has worked directing series for the BBC, created and directed the Comedy Central special "Ice for Iceland" for Earth Day 2018, and directed the six-episode biographical series about legendary Brazilian music producer Lincoln Olivetti. Richard has for several years directed Provivi's visual campaigns across the world.

About The Telly Awards
The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. Entrants are judged by The Telly Awards Judging Council—an industry body of over 200 leading experts including advertising agencies, production companies, and major television networks, reflective of the multiscreen industry The Telly Awards celebrates. Partners of The Telly Awards include NAB, Stash Magazine, and Digiday, VidCon, and Social Media Week.

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Sayed Sayedy – Konfliktberatung und Konfliktmanagement

Sayed Sayedy, Munich. Photo: private

In einem Konflikt im persönlichen Umfeld zielt mein Beratungsangebot darauf ab, eigene Anliegen und Bedürfnisse zu klären und eine Win-Win-Situation zu finden.

GERMANY, June 11, 2021 / — Konfliktberatung und Konfliktmanagement: In einem Konflikt im persönlichen oder gesellschaftlichen Umfeld zielt mein Beratungsangebot darauf ab, eigene Anliegen und Bedürfnisse zu klären und Lösungsansätze für eine Win-Win-Situation zu finden.

Häufig treten Konflikte auch im Arbeitsalltag auf. Zwischen Mitarbeitern und Führungskräften oder auch innerhalb eines Teams kommt es oft zu gravierenden Auseinandersetzungen. Eskalationen verhindern das Potenzial und die Motivation der Mitarbeiter und den gesamten Arbeitsablauf. Konflikte sind stets Situationen, die nicht nur Unannehmlichkeiten bereiten, sondern ebenso Chancen zur persönlichen Weiterentwicklung in sich bergen.

In der Konfliktberatung werde ich Sie als neutraler und unparteiischer Berater in einem geschützten Rahmen unterstützen, schnelle und wirkungsvolle Strategien und Taktiken zu entwickeln. In einem Einzelgespräch analysieren wir gemeinsam den bestehenden Konflikt und erarbeiten dafür einen konstruktiven und effektiven Prozess für eine geeignete Lösung.

Ablauf der Konfliktberatung und Konfliktmanagement

Sayed Sayedy
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